Coming Soon: Apollo 18 (2011)

New Found-Footage Thriller Takes Place On The Moon

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Apollo 18 - Coming Soon

Coming Soon to theaters is a merger between space horror and the hand-held, found-footage style of filmmaking. It’s called Apollo 18 and it concerns NASA’s doomed Apollo 18 mission. What’s that, you say? There was no Apollo 18 mission? Well, this movie suggests otherwise. According to the film, the Apollo 18 mission was a secret expedition involving 2 American astronauts who never returned. Check out the trailer for Apollo 18, and the real reason we have never returned to the moon:

Here’s another, more recent trailer:

From what we can gather about Apollo 18:

  • “Found-footage” movie
  • Secret mission
  • Astronauts not told whole story
  • Dead Russian cosmonauts discovered
  • Some sort of infection
  • Astronauts go mad
  • Aliens?


The film is directed by Spanish director Gonzalo López-Gallego and written by Brian Miller. Apollo 18 is rated PG-13 and arrives in theaters September 2, 2011. Official site here. Click thumbnails below for larger poster versions.

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