Arizona Man Has “Vampire” Roomates

Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson Into Vampire Stuff and Paganism

October 8 2010 Categorized Under: Horror News No Commented
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Chandler, Arizona

Robert Maley, 25, who likes “knifes,guns,weed” and Insane Clown Posse (according to his MySpace page), was stabbed in the arm by Aaron Homer, 24, after he told Homer that he didn’t want him and Amanda Williamson, 21, to suck his blood anymore. After the stabbing, Maley ran out, supposedly afraid that cops would arrest him (he had outstanding warrants for something). Homer and Williamson later lied to police, saying the stabbing was self-defense, but the stories didn’t add up and Homer later admitted to the assault, supposedly because Maley made fun of their religion.

Their religion, roughly was “vampire stuff and paganism” as Maley later told police. He said that he let them suck his blood one time, but didn’t want them to do it anymore.

Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson - Vampires!

Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson - Vampires!

Vampires are like pet tigers. They’re your friends as long as you keep the food coming. Run out of food, and all bets are off!

Source: Smoking Gun

Robert Maley MySpace Photo

Blood-suckers. How do they work?

Arizona Vampires Suck Blood

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