Awesome Horror Shirts From T Shirt Bordello

Screen Printed, 100% Cotten, Horror T-Shirts

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We love horror t-shirts here at Horror Fan Zine. So we were happy to recently get the opportunity to try out some awesome horror shirts from T Shirt Bordello. They basically cover a wide spectrum of tees – politics, sports, music, movies, catch-phrases, you name it. But they got some groovy horror tees, so let’s take a look at some.

Bill’s favorite is the tribute to Hannibal Lecter. At “Bistro Hannibal“, you truly are what you eat. Suitable for the gourmet, working chef, or well-mannered serial killer.

Bistro Hannibal T-Shirt

If you like beers with bite, you can’t go wrong with this horror shirt depicting the Boomstick double stout, courtesy of Deadite Brewing. Use the password at the door and get a free brewery tour! It’s “Klatoo… Verata… NECTtphhhhhh.” Well, do your best.

The Care Bears were actually created by American Greetings way back in 1981 for use on their sickening, syrupy greeting cards. From there, it was TV specials and toys. We know what you are thinking: wouldn’t the Care Bears look better as zombies? Yes, they would.

Zombie Care Bears

Here are some other groovy horror shirts (click the thumbnails to get ’em!):

Zombie Rib Cage
A Nightmare on Sesame Street

Walken Dead
Send More Paramedics

Pinhead - Rubiks Cube
Hello Kitty/Hello Zombie

Red Rum
Homicider - Jason

Alien vs Predator - Chess
Bates Motel

Note that the t-shirts are screen printed (because Direct to Garment sucks) and 100% cotton. American Apparel is used for ladies and Gildan is used for men. We personally think the Nightmare on Sesame Street and Pinhead/Rubiks Cube horror shirts are pretty cool.

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