Comments on “Movie Review: Beyond the Door (1974)”, Page 1

Comments on “Movie Review: Beyond the Door (1974)”, Page 1

January 27 2010 Categorized Under: Movie Reviews 2 Commented

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  1. alex portillo says:

    i will have to disagree with the unkind review of “beyond the door.” i found it to still retain some of its original charms, both good and bad. for a little film to cause a sensation back then and still hold up against REAL trash like the Scream series(Craven u sellout).
    for the younger generation who are suffering from add, please check out “messiah of evil” after this movie to really enjoy what it used to be like to go to a drive-in and have a blast scaring each other while watching these “rip-offs.”
    take a chance, maybe these little films just might entertain you if given a chance.

  2. jacob lee says:

    get uncut version it better

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