Classic Horror Movies Infographic

An Ode To Cult Classic Horror Movies

October 25 2011 Categorized Under: Horror History, Top Ten Lists No Commented
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A cool infographic on classic horror movies has been created by The infographic takes a look at 35 classic horror flicks spanning the years 1933 to 2006, showing the horror films’ year of release, critical ratings, budget, and gross domestic revenue. Check it out below.

Infographic of Classic Horror Movies

Check out Horror Quotes and Rotten Tomatoes Highest Ranked Horror Films by clicking the thumbnail graphics below:

Classic Horror QuotesHighest Ranked Horror Films

As you can see, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho takes the top spot. The next grouping of King Kong, Jaws, Nosferatu, and Alien prove the popularity of monster movies (and you can probably throw the “living dead” movies in with this genre too).

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