Comments on “Creature Feature: A Tribute To Dr Paul Bearer”, Page 1

Comments on “Creature Feature: A Tribute To Dr Paul Bearer”, Page 1

May 11 2011 Categorized Under: Horror History 2 Commented

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2 Responses to “Creature Feature: A Tribute To Dr Paul Bearer”

  1. mr3 says:

    The Doctor is still IN mah brothah! He is the reason I learned to love classic horror as a ten year old…used to watch it every Saturday. Remember near the end of his stint where they had that 3d double-feature? They were hyping it up for weeks and weeks and selling red/blue glasses down at places like 7/11. I coulda sworn the Dr. hosted the show, and one of the films was the 3D version of Creature From the Black Lagoon. Damn that thing was one of my fav monsters. I wonder if there’s any way to get ahold of those old shows on a decent format?

  2. jay roberts says:

    I found spingoolie annoying and interupting when they cut out parts of a movie so he can be dubbed in to make a annoying comments about the movie he is pressenting, Id like very much if he would share his trone with the king before him, r.i.p. dubbe in dr. paul bearrer and is the

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