Decay Trailer – CERN Zombies

Low Budget Zombie Film Takes Place In Large Hadron Collider Tunnels

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An upcoming indie film called Decay takes place at the Large Hadron Collider facility at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland. If you recall, some people were spooked by the LHC because they thought it could possibly create a black hole when turned on, which would swallow the planet. But the Decay trailer suggests we have other things to worry about at the LHC – specifically, CERN Zombies. No, we’re not talking about the overworked staff at CERN and how they look at 3 in the morning. We mean, actual zombies. Watch the Decay trailer below:

The movie Decay was created by students from the University of Manchester who are going for their PhD in physics. Apparently they were impressed by the maintenance tunnels at CERN and thought they would make a good setting for a zombie flick. In Decay, the particle accelerator malfunctions and results in radiation which turns the maintenance crew into zombies. CERN actually allowed the film crew to shoot their scenes in the tunnels, even though the organization doesn’t officially endorse the film.

Decay Poster 2012

Decay is set to be released online and you will be able to watch it for free.

According to an interview in Wired magazine, one of the movie’s creators, Luke Thompson, said:

“We realized the theme and location also gave us a great change to do some satirical commentary on various aspects of people’s perceptions of science. So there are some hidden depths to the film, too. We’re hugely proud of what we’ve achieved — the fact is that it’s a no-budget indie and there’s no reason to expect we’d sell more than a few hundred copies. So we’d rather our two years of work was seen by more people by releasing it for free.”

Decay was created by Luke Thompson, Clara Nellist, and Hugo Day. It’s world premiere is November 29, 2012 at the University of Manchester. Online release is December 8, 2012 (under a Creative Commons license).

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