Flashback Weekend and the Midway Drive-In

Help Save A Historic Drive-In Theater Located In Sterling, IL

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The Flashback Weekend Chicago horror convention wants to save the historic Midway Drive-In theater. The Midway Drive-In provided an outlet for horror movies from the 1950s to the 1970s. These days it has been showing film festivals during the year, where horror films get shown in their 35mm glory.

Midway Drive-In (Sterling, IL)

But now the Midway Drive-In is in trouble financially, and Flashback Wekeend needs your support to help save it. Here’s how:

Going Digital

The future of drive-In horror the Midway is threatened by the film industry conversion to digital. Movie studios will stop issuing new movies on 35m film next year. Drive-ins that cannot upgrade to digital projection will close. Honda is donating a free projector to each of the 5 drive-ins that receive the most votes in a nation wide contest.

Save the Midway Drive-In

To vote for and save the Midway Drive-In:

  • You can vote on-line once per day at http://projectdrivein.com/#vote_80
  • You can also vote once per day by texting “Vote80” to 444999 once per day.
  • The Midway Drive-In is listed under STERLING, IL.
  • Every vote will help and costs nothing but a few seconds of your time. Please share this with all of your facebook friends and have them vote each day for the Midway.

Voting ends on September 9, 2013, so please vote every day.

Dusk to Dawn Horrorfest At Midway Drive-In

On Saturday, September 21st, 2013, Midway Drive-In will be showing the following horror films:

  • Fright Night (1985). The 80s vampire classic with Chris Sarandon and Roddy McDowall. Starts: 8:00pm
  • Death Race 2000 (1975). Paul Bartel’s cult classic with David Carradine, Sylvester Stallone, and Mary Woronov. Starts: 10:00pm
  • Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988). Main event: Jason (Kane Hodder) vs Tina (Lar Park-Lincoln). Starts: 12:00am
  • Unknown Feature To Be Announced. Starts: 2am.

Special Horrofest Prices: $10.00 Adults / $5.00 Children.

For more, check out the Midway Drive-In Facebook Page and Official Page

Magbo Invite Codes: 8727733PK6