Florida Teen Killed, Burned In Fire Pit, Stuffed Into Paint Cans

Love Triangle In Summerfield, Florida Ends In Death For 15 Year Old

April 21 2011 Categorized Under: True Horror Stories No Commented
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Another real life horror story – like something out of a movie.

A horrible murder recently took place in the Ocala metro area, Florida.

It’s a teenage love triangle thing. 15 year old Amber Wright was dating 15 year old Seath Jackson, until she started going with Mike Bargo. It just gets worse from there:

Summerfield Florida Murder House

The house in Summerfield, Florida where the murder took place.

The Murder

Detectives said Amber Wright and another female Charlie Ely (18) lured Seath Jackson to Ely’s Summerfield home. When Jackson arrived at the house, Kyle Hooper (16) and Justin Soto (20) jumped him and beat him in the head with a wooden object. They then shot him multiple times. When Jackson tried to escape, Soto tackled Jackson so Amber’s new boyfriend Mike Bargo (18) could shoot him again.

He’s not dead…

Soto then moved Jackson’s body to a bathtub, and Bargo broke his knees so that they could put the body into a sleeping bag. At that point, Soto noticed that Jackson was still alive, so Bargo shot him again. With Jackson finally dead, the group put his body into a blue sleeping bag and burned it in a fire pit. His remains were then shoveled into paint cans.

The Quarry

Mike Bargo’s stepfather James Havens (37) helped to dispose of the remains by dumping them in a quarry. He also drove Bargo out of the area to Starke, which is about an hour and a half drive north.

“I couldn’t believe it, that people who I know could just snap like that,” said Tessa McLamb, a friend of the suspects. “I hope they get the electric chair, and they burn and we can sit and watch like they did to him,” said Billi Thorington, whose son was close friends with Jackson. On Wednesday, crime scene technicians scoured the property in search of the murder weapon.

We’ll report more on this story as details come out.

Ely Home - Murder

Another view of the area where Seath Jackson was murdered.

Jackson Murder Suspects

The Murder Suspects

Kyle Hooper, Mike Bargo, Amber Wright

Kyle Hooper, Mike Bargo, Amber Wright

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