Freak Show Horror Film Festival 2010

Horror Film Fest At The Wyndham Resort In Orlando, Florida

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Freak Show Horror Film Festival 2010

The Freakshow Horror Film Festival is a showcase of some of the most talented, up and coming horror filmmakers in the world. Takes place in Orlando, Florida and features a lifetime achievement award ceremony (this year’s award goes to John Carpenter). The film fest is a part of the larger Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend.


The festival is a 3 day event screening independent horror films from around the world; its mission is to be a showcase of talented, up and coming horror filmmakers. Filmmakers also compete for the “Freaky” Award for outstanding achievement in 8 different categories which include: Best Picture, Best Short, Best Florida Feature, Best Florida Short, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, and Best Special FX Makeup. There is also a Lifetime Achievement Award to filmmakers who have made an impacted in the horror genre.


October 8-10, 2010


Wyndham Orlando Resort
8001 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 351-2420

Films and Schedules

Friday, October 8th

Containment: 14 minute short from UK director Scott Watson
El Monstro Del Mar: Three female hired killers fight a Kraken near a beachside town. Australian film directed by Stuart Simpson.
Dinner Date: 13 minute short from director Paul Von Stoetzel
Kiss the Abyss: A murder victim is brought back to life by her family with help from a desert stranger. Directed by Ken Winkler (who will be in attendance).
Someone Else: 4 minute short film from Scottish director Andrew Newall. (will be in attendance).
The Lake: Wood creatures torment 4 campers. 11 minute short from Jason Dodson.
Maxwell Stein: A film director tries to finish his masterpiece despite hauntings. Directed by Dale Jackson and Jeffrey Jones.

Saturday, October 9th

Nelly and Lio: 11 minute short from Canadian directors Etienne Langlois and Eric Reynard
Blood and Roses: A couple head to a remote cottage, where the wife falls under the spell of a vampire. UK film directed by Simon Altken (who will be attending).
Telefone: 5 minute short directed by Jeffrey Anderson Bliss
Play Dead: 33 minute short directed by Vanessa Roman (who will be attending)
Murderabilia: 30 minute short from David Matthews.
Shut up! I Said Shut Up!: 10 minute short from Ben Rock
Emerging Past: A photographer for a busy newspaper company has just taken a life altering photograph. Directed by Thomas Churchill.
Half Way: 15 minute short directed by Andres & Diego Meza-Valdes
Parasitic: directed by Timothy Martin
Dating Material: 10 minute short from Jason Hoffman (will be attending)
Doomsday County: New feature-length Grindhouse-style film of 4 stories based around an area known as Doomsday County. Directors: Art Brainard, Shawn Haran, Joe Badiali, Steven Shea (all scheduled to be in attendance)
The Unfun House: Animated short from Paul Carty.
True Nature: The daughter of a wealthy family disappears and returns a year later, but is not the same… Directed by Patrick Steele (will be attending)
Demiurge Emesis: animated short from Aurelio Voltaire, narrated by Danny Elfman
Being Jason: 8 minute short from Mike Doyle, about a guy named Jason Voorhees…
She Wolf Rising: Directed by Marc Leland, starring Tiffany Shepis.

Sunday, October 10th

The Brutalizer: 6 minute short from Kurtis M. Spieler
Body of Work: 23 minute short from Alex Bram (will be attending)
Salvation by Blood: 37 minute short from Devon Mikolas (will be attending).
Clemency: 18 minute short directed by Joseph Albanese
M: An unknown man enters a quiet town, bringing nothing but torture and pain along side him. Directed by Derek and Shane Cole.
Sadness: 13 minute short from Brazilian director Andre Schuck Palm
Alice Jacobs Is Dead: 21 minute short from Alex Horwitz. Winner, Best Horror/Suspense Film, 2009 San Diego Comic-Con Intl. Independent
Film Festival. Stars John La Zar and Adrienne Barbeau.
Grave Reality: 32 minute short from Oliver Tosh (will be attending).

Celebrity Appearances

John Carpenter: Director of the classics Halloween, The Thing, Prince of Darkness, Escape from New York, They Live, etc. Will receive the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award. Ceremony takes place Sunday, October 10th at 5pm.
Ace Frehley: Original member from KISS; released an album last year. Seen in Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park and Detroit Rock City.
Robert Englund: Freddy Krueger from the first seven Elm Street films; The Adventures of Ford Fairlane , The Mangler, the TV series V.
Gary Busey: Silver Bullet, Predator 2, Under Siege, Point Break, many others
Elvira: AKA Cassandra Peterson, Elvira gained fame on a Los Angeles TV station as hostess of Movie Macabre, a weekly horror movie presentation. Starred in her own film Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
Tom Towles: Probably best known as Otis from Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Tom has appeared in Night of the Living Dead, House of 1000 Corpses, and The Devil’s Rejects.


The film festival is part of Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend. Your paid admission to the convention will get you into the film fest. Show your pass or wrist-band at the door.

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