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Songs From the Friday the 13th Movies

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Folks, I was all ready to bring you a review of another Friday the 13th movie but I found that my DVD had a real big crack in it – the thing was ready to fall apart. So instead, I got the bright idea of doing a “best of” Friday the 13th Soundtrack tunes. This is my list of the top songs from the Friday the 13th movies. What struck me is how 80s they are, LOL. Here we go:

Friday the 13th Original Theme
Harry Manfredini

For the famous theme from the first film, Manfredini was inspired by the film Jaws, where John Williams’ famous notes let the audience know when the shark was around. The famous sound “ki ki ki, ma ma ma” (which is spoken by Manfredini and echo-filtered), comes from Mrs. Voorhees exclamations of “Kill her mommy!” This idea was partly inspired by Krzysztof Penderecki.

Theme From Friday the 13th Part III
Harry Manfredini & Michael Zager

This groovy disco theme for the 3rd movie is composed by Manfredini with help from Michael Zager, the guy behind the disco classic Let’s All Chant. Zager and Manfredini produced the tune under the pseudonym Hot Ice.

Love Is a Lie

Crispin Glover Dance

This is the 80s rock tune that Crispin Glover is doing his wacky dance to in Friday the 13th Part 4. As for the band Lion, they were an L.A. group that was active up until 1989. They did a popular theme song for the 1986 Transformers film. Their 3 released albums are rare, but if you search around Amazon you can find ’em.

His Eyes
Pseudo Echo

Tiffany Helm Dances

This is the new-wavy song from Friday the 13th Part 5 that Violet (Tiffany Helm) is dancing to before she gets killed. Pseudo Echo are a band from Melbourne, Australia. They did a cover of Funkytown in 1986.

(He’s Back) The Man Behind The Mask
Alice Cooper

One of the cheesy rock tunes from Friday the 13th Part 6, here’s the always reliable Alice Cooper. I didn’t even know there was an official video for this song, but here it is:

Teenage Frankenstein
Alice Cooper

The other Alice Cooper song from Jason Lives, this was played in the scene where Jason kills Nikki and Cort in the motor home. I suppose the song is relevant considering that Jason was reanimated in a very Frankenstein way… although he’s certainly much older than a teen.

The Darkest Side of Night
Stan Meissner and Peter Fredette

This is the main song from Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. It is performed by Stan Meissner and Peter Fredette under the name of Metropolis. Metropolis has 1 album – Power of the Night. Meissner is a songwriter and producer who has written for many international acts, TV shows, and movies. Fredette is the bassist who worked with Kim Mitchell for many years. More on Metropolis.

I’m leaving off the nu-metal tunes from Freddy vs Jason because, well, I don’t like ’em.

– Bill G

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