Gemma Atkinson – Night of the Living 3D Dead

Samuel Victor Directs New Remake In 3D. Also Releases Documentary

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UK actress and model Gemma Atkinson is currently shooting Night of the Living 3D Dead, a remake of the George Romero 1968 classic. Directed by Samuel Victor, the £200,000 budgeted movie is shot in full/real 3D, mostly in the UK with a few scenes in the United States. The creators have even put together a timber frame full scale reproduction of the original house for authenticity. The film is halfway through shooting and a teaser trailer is on its way.

Night of the Living Dead 3D

Says director Samuel Victor:

Essentially I’m directing a true, respectful remake (not re-imagining, not prequel, not sequel, not butchering!) of Night of the Living Dead. I know there have been attempts in the past, none of which quite hit the mark, and some of which were frankly sacrilegious, but as true fans of the original we spent over 2 years in research and development, and having been in production of the film for over a year, making sure we get it RIGHT.

Gemma Atkinson in Night of the Living Dead 3D

Gemma Atkinson from documentary Raising the Dead.

Along side Night of the Living 3D Dead is a full length documentary called Raising the Dead, which follows the development of the film. The trailer for the documentary is below:

Night of the Living 3D Dead stars Gemma Atkinson as Barbara, Nathaniel Francis as Ben, Gregory Caine as Harry, Joel Berg as Tom, Hannah May Wood as Karen, Rachel Doherty as Judy, and Lara Duke as Helen.

More info and release dates coming soon.

*Note: Night of the Living 3D Dead is not to be confused with Night Of The Living Dead 3D, the 2006 film starring Sid Haig.

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