George Perez and Christian Boeving In “Red Reaper” Movie

Legend of the Red Reaper Stars Tara Cardinal, Who Wrote The Story

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Christian Boeving in Red Reaper

Christian Boeving

Comic book artist George Perez (DC/Marvel) and fitness model/actor Christian Boeving are both starring in an upcoming film called Legend of the Red Reaper, which is now in post-production.

Legend of the Red Reaper is a comic-book styled feature which is directed by Matt Dean and was written by Basha Barron, Dean himself, and Kim Pritekel. The story was the brainchild of Scream Queen Tara Cardinal, who stars in the film as the Red Reaper, a female warrior who sacrifices family and true love to save the world from demons.

Tara Cardinal - Legend of the Red Reaper

Tara Cardinal - Legend of the Red Reaper

The film also stars David Mackey, Eliza Swenson, Shayne Leighton, Tom Nowicki, Al Snow (WWE, TNA), and even Lloyd Kaufman.

George Perez plays an advisor to the Mackey character and Christian Boeving plays the character Andre in the movie.

The creators of Red Reaper have recently announced a new comic book spinoff project. They are currently seeking artists for the comic, and submissions will be accepted throughout the first quarter of 2011. Due to exclusivity contracts with both Marvel and DC Comics, George Perez is unfortunately unable to take part in drawing the comic edition. But perhaps you can. If you are an artist and interested in the Red Reaper comic project, send an email to Tara Cardinal at

George Perez and Tara Cardinal

George Perez and Tara Cardinal

For all information, media, and news on the movie, check out their Facebook page.

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