Greyhound Bus Horror: Canadian Kid Decapitated

Killer Vince Weiguang Li Decapitates Tim McLean And Partially Cannibalizes Him

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On July 30, 2008, 22 year old Tim McLean, a young Canadian man, was brutally murdered while riding on a Greyhound bus about 30 kilometers west of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. The killer was 40 year old Vince Weiguang Li, a Chinese immigrant, who was so mentally disturbed that he thought he was attacking a space alien. McLean was stabbed in the neck, eventually beheaded, and partially cannibalized by Li, to the horror of bus passengers.

Vince Weiguang Li Captured

Killer Vince Weiguang Li apprehended by police

Victim 22 year old Tim McClean

Victim 22 year old Tim McClean

The unprovoked assault left 36 men, women and children stranded on the shoulder of the Trans-Canada Highway, watching while the bus driver and a driver of a nearby truck shut the crazed Li inside the bus. Tim McLean was later identified by tribute groups on Facebook.

Greyhound Bus

Tim McLean’s profile info read:

I’m from winnipeg manitoba canada, I’m 21, im about 5’5″- 5’6″, but whatever short ppl rule the world, I weigh 125 lbs. but its all rock hard, I have Hazel eyes, dark hair, I have three tattoos a skull on my left shoulder, marvin martian, and the JoKawiLd on my back, my lip is pierced. playin vids, chillin, havin a good time, Playin football, barbeques, parties, music, beach, camping, motorcycles, reptiles, wrestling, ufc, tanning, biking, sleeping, eating, and i dunno what else.

Who I’d like to meet:

People, a dinosaur, an alien, the wolfman, frankensteins monster, a vampire, every kewl canadian, every kewl american, every kewl every body, ppl that drink, ppl that dont, ppl who smoke, ppl who dont, ppl that work, ppl that that dont, ppl who drive, ppl who dont, ppl that get married, ppl that dont, ya get the point. either way i like meeting new people all the time and most importantly i want to meet ppl that DO!


26 year old Garnet Caton, who witnessed the murder, said:

“He didn’t do anything to provoke the guy. The guy just took a knife out and stabbed him, started stabbing him like crazy and cut his head off. Some people were puking, some people were crying, other people were in shock. Everybody was running, screaming off the bus.”

After the bus pulled over and the terrified passengers fled, Vince Weiguang Li stood in the doorway holding the head, then dropped it, went back and started mangling the body some more. During the murder, Li seems oblivious to others:

“There was no rage or anything. He was like a robot, stabbing the guy.”


At Li’s trial in 2009, he pleaded insanity, despite having no record of mental illness. Previously, he had worked some menial jobs, including one at Wal-Mart, where he had been recently fired for some kind of disagreement with a co-worker. Before that, he was regarded as quiet and hard-working.

Vince Weiguang Li

At the trial, a psychiatrist diagnosed Li as schizophrenic, saying that Li said God spoke to him, telling him that Tim McLean was an alien and a “force of evil.” The judge ruled that Li was not criminally responsible and he was sent to the Selkirk Mental Health Center, where he remains today. Over the years, he has slowly gained more freedom there, even getting escorted trips off the hospital grounds and into the city.

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