Grindhouse Trailers Vol 1: Final Exam, Nightmare, Beyond the Door, Killer Fish

70s Trash, 80s Gore, Italian Ripoffs!

March 22 2009 Categorized Under: Upcoming Horror Movies No Commented
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Horror Fan Zine presents some old school grindhouse trailers for you to cut your teeth on.

Final Exam (1981) – Psycho killer shows up on collage campus to slash up pretty co-eds and dumb jocks.

Nightmare (1981) – aka Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, this is a pretty sick slasher in the tradition of Maniac. Was shot in Cocoa Beach, Florida!

Beyond The Door (1974) aka Devil Within Her aka Chi sei? – An Exorcist ripoff from Italy that’s pretty sleazy, but that’s the way we like our Italian movies.

Killerfish (1979) – Piranha ripoff from Italy, directed by Antonio Margheriti (who gave us Cannibal Apocalypse). Interesting cast, including Lee Majors and James Franciscus.

Magbo Invite Codes: 8727733PK6