Halloween 3 In 2013?

Second Sequel To The Rob Zombie Reboot Now Belongs To Platinum Dunes

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See Latest Updates on Halloween 3 near bottom of this post.

Weinstein Co. co-Chairman Bob Weinstein said today that the 3-D sequel Halloween 3D is in development and that Rob Zombie, who directed Halloween 2007 and its sequel Halloween II will not be returning. (Source: LA Times Blog)

<em>Rob Zombie not returning for Halloween 3</em>

Rob Zombie not returning for Halloween 3

As observed in Deadline Hollywood Daily, Halloween II took in $17M dollars opening weekend on a $15M dollar budget, while the competition, The Final Destination 3-D took in $28.3M, with a budget around $40M. So it would seem that while currently, Halloween II looks to make back its budget, more confidence is shown in the earnings potential of 3D pictures like the fourth entry of the Final Destination Series, the My Bloody Valentine 3D Remake ($93.8M worldwide gross on a $15M budget), and the upcoming Alexandre Aja remake Piranha 3-D.

Halloween 3-D will join other “Part 3 in 3-D” pictures like Friday the 13th Part 3, Jaws 3, and Amityville Horror 3. History repeats. In threes.


Halloween III has just been given the official go-ahead by the Weinsteins. The release date is now October 26, 2012. Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry, My Bloody Valentine) is set to direct the film, with Todd Farmer writing the screenplay. In December 2010, Farmer and Lussier told Fangoria that the movie will still take place in the universe set up by Rob Zombie. (source)

The movie will still certainly be in 3D.

Lussier and Farmer are currently busy with the Hellraiser remake.

Update – April 16, 2012

We spoke too soon. Halloween III will not “certainly be in 3D.” It probably won’t be in 3D at all. In fact, it’s no longer attached to Dimension Films. According to MovieWeb, Platinum Dunes is now running the show. And they currently looking for a writer and director, which would mean that Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer are out. That’s all we got for Halloween 3, and it looks very likely that you won’t see it this year. Guess we’ll have to shoot for 2013.

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