Comments on “Halloween 3 In 2013?”, Page 2

Comments on “Halloween 3 In 2013?”, Page 2

September 3 2009 Categorized Under: Horror News, Upcoming Horror Movies 45 Commented

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  1. Anthony Holland says:

    For all those supposed fans rob zombie is a great director when hes focused on a new take or idea for a film…. leave remakes to others

  2. Anthony says:

    I might also add watch HALLOWEEN6 that will clear up why Michael Myers is how he is people come on I read all these so called fan comments it makes me sick how people miss certain details about the characters/movies

  3. As everyone now knows,HALLOWEEN 3 is still in the works over at The Weinstein Brothers/Dimension Films,with the possibility of that projecy being either HALLOWEEN 3/3-D(with Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer) or HALLOWEEN:THE NEXT CHAPTER,for that film has got an awful lot to live up to with the fans who were massively let down by Rob Zombie’s two HALLOWEEN entries(even if those two RZ films have their legions of devoted fans),and maybe another company(Lionsgate,Blumhouse Productions) would possibly do much better wonder for the Michael Myers saga that the Weinstein Bros. ever would.

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