Homemade Drug Desomorphine Rots Flesh

“Krokodile” Is A Major Killer In Russia

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A new homemade drug called desomorphine is so dangerous that it not only addicts the user almost immediately, it also rots flesh down to the bone. A few cases related to the drug have appeared in Arizona, so local authorities are afraid of a desomorphine epidemic, but the drug has already done major damage in Russia, where it goes by the name Krokodil (crocodile). It’s called that because of its effects on the skin, which turns grey and scaly.

Effects of the drug Krokodile

Effects of the drug Krokodile

Heroin addiction in Russia is a big problem, so the government has cracked down on it, which has the effect of raising the street price. Since heroin is becoming unaffordable now, users are switching to Krokodil, which is easier to make at home. Desomorphine, the active component, can be synthesized from codeine, which is cheap and easy to get in Russia. Other toxic chemicals are also used to make the drug – gasoline, paint thinner, alcohol, and even hydrochloric acid.

The drug is injected into the veins and leads to a shorter but more powerful high than heroin. In the case of cocaine and heroin addiction, people across the world, especially in the US tend to visit rehabilitation facilities like Fusion Recovery Centers, where they get the necessary assistance for the treatment. There is a possibility that these drugs will hamper their career growth and make their lives miserable. A drug like desomorphine, however, can have extremely severe effects, which are almost immediate and terrifying gangrene sets in, skin rots, and falls away, leaving the bone exposed. In order to prevent addicts from abusing such deadly drugs, a specialized rehabilitation center seems necessary.

Addiction to the drug is fast, with only one or two injections required to hook the user. Therefore, most users who are already hooked on drugs are recommended to take a medical detox at the earliest to avoid potential life-threatening symptoms. This could further help them to focus on the social and economic obligations of their life.

Brain damage also occurs – people hooked on the drug are eventually unable to take care of themselves and get the nickname “krokodil zombies.” Withdrawal is painful, and people using desomorphine have their life expectancy shortened to 1-3 years. Anti-drug activist Yevgeny Roizman has said that for many young Russians, krokodil is their “first and last” drug.

Russian girl addicted to Krokodil.

Russian girl addicted to Krokodil.

Stay away from this drug, kids.

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