Comments on “Insidious – Movie Review – Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson”, Page 1

Comments on “Insidious – Movie Review – Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson”, Page 1

August 8 2011 Categorized Under: Movie Reviews 4 Commented

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4 Responses to “Insidious – Movie Review – Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson”

  1. jay says:

    a pretty accurate review, I’d say. The first half is pretty wonderful and nostalgic. The second gets a little too inflated and somewhat campy (The Further is actually kind of boring, am I right?). The jump scares will get you first time around. If you want to torture a squirmy, jumpy friend, make them watch it. It’s fun and has a good cast, but I felt there was a lot of room for improvement. The ending just felt lazy to me. And the ghosts weren’t nearly as scary, dark, or creepy as they should have been. It was good when it was good, but lazy and sloppy when it was bad.

  2. lily says:

    Someone told me i can smile like that lady. Wierd. i pissed myself laughing when i saw that demon. Funny movie :) LOL

  3. jazzmine says:

    okay when i seen that darth maul thing i was like omg i said the same thing!! lol thats sick we like twins bro!

  4. Loki Laufeyson says:

    I’m a big horror ghosty film junkie. big time. Even if it’s a bit corny, you’ll find me down in front of the theater vibrating in my seat anticipating the damn movie to start… damn movie previews… But since BOTH movies are now in blue ray I had to buy them both. So I watch both of them maybe two, maybe three times a week. Yah, I got a problem. I JUST saw that there was a new Paranormal Activity in the Hispanic community. I laughed at times, but it did my heart good knowing there was another paranormal activity and I go to to watch it on MyDemand.
    weee ghosts! noooo haunting. I like to watch it, but I pray I never have to live with ghosts.

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