Interview With Rob Elliott From The Death Metal Band Necrodemon

His Adventures With Necrodemon, Todd Michael Smith, and the Michiana Metal Scene

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Necrodemon - Doomfest


The only thing that got me through my years at Notre Dame was time spent at a hole in the wall known as Cheers Lounge, which often played host to a surprisingly large number of metal and punk bands from the Michiana (Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan) area.

One night, at a Necrodemon show, I found out a segment for a movie called Internet Fear was being taped by a Delaware production house, Regal Studios. The premise: Necrodemon uses the interweb to enlist Servers of the Damned to cause all sorts of chaos. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Todd Michael Smith of Regal Studios and Rob Elliott of Necrodemon were both kind enough to chat with me about the production, as well as the business of making movies and metal. My interview with Todd Michael Smith can be found here.

Interview with Rob Elliott

How’d you initially hook up with Regal Studios?

We hooked up with Regal quite sometime ago. I sent our music to them to add to their films. I currently build their website and we work together on a lot of things.

Was Necrodemon involved in the writing/concept for Internet Fear?

No, we only did the music. Todd of Regal wrote all the stuff.

Captain Lou Albano’s in the flick. Is he a fan of yours?

Actually, I have no idea. I am sure he has heard us. I really don’t know.

What’s it like controlling Servers of the Damned, anyhow?

It is the most satisfying thing. Once they serve us, they never betray!

What’s the state of the metal ‘scene’ in Michiana?

Very small scene. We are one of the few only Death Metal bands. We tend to try to get out of here whenever possible.

What bands are you listening to right now?

We listen to Immortal, Immolation, Old Slayer, Decapitated, Vader. Many bands actually.

What’s the craziest thing that ever went down at a Necrodemon show?

One night I took a ten pound sledgehammer to a large skull on the stage and smashed it all over the place. We got thrown out of the club and all the other bands had to stand on skull fragments the rest of the night. We actually got alot of shit for doing it. I thought it was no big deal.

Finally… what’s in the future for Necrodemon?

We plan on doing quite a few shows this summer and eventually getting back into the studio. We started recording our new album but it was not coming out right. So we are going somewhere else in the fall. We just plan on staying true and doing what we always do – kicking some metal ass!
Thanks for the interview. 666!

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