In Development: “Intrusion” Directed by David Bruckner

New Film From Director of The Signal and a Segment from V/H/S

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David Bruckner (The Signal, V/H/S) is set to direct a new horror/thriller called Intrusion, written by L.D. Goffigan. Goffigan has previously written the 2009 horror film Hunger. In Intrusion, a woman is stalked by a disturbed individual after she moves to San Francisco. She soon discovers something extremely sinister.

In addition to The Signal (2007), Bruckner directed Amateur Night, the first segment from V/H/S (where the trio of idiots pick up the “wrong” girl and it doesn’t go well for them). Intrusion has been picked up by Lava Bear films (CEO: David Linde).

Lava Bear is also developing an untitled supernatural feature based on an idea by David Goyer (The Blade Trilogy, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Unborn).

David Bruckner

Source: Deadline

More will be added here as information comes in.

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