Movie Review: Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003)

Leprechaun 6 Review – Warwick Davis Returns To the Hood!

March 12 2009 Categorized Under: Movie Reviews No Commented
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Leprechaun – Back 2 Tha Hood (2003)
Director: Steven Ayromlooi
Starring: Warwick Davis, Tangi Miller, Laz Alonso, Page Kennedy, Sherrie Jackson

Given my inexplicable weakness for all media products involving midgets, it’s probably not much of a surprise that I’ve enjoyed the Leprechaun series of horror flicks. When I saw a copy of Leprechaun – Back 2 Tha Hood (essentially Leprechaun 6 for those keeping track numerically) sitting around the other day, I jumped up and down like an idiot and brought it home. This one is as much straight-to-DVD as it is straight-outta-Compton – I didn’t expect a lot out of it, though it is indeed in anamorphic widescreen and 5.1 digital surround.

Leprechaun 6
that leprechaun got hold to the right stuff

The plot of Lep 5, the first misadventures of the Lep in “tha hood,” pretty much was that some rappers stole the Leprechaun’s gold, the Leprechaun likes pot, etc. Warwick Davis reprises his role, thankfully, as I can’t imagine anyone else properly filling the shoes of this little green motherfucker. Surprise, he still likes pot (managing to get shut into a refrigerator with his bong in one scene, when someone closed it while he was looking for munchies). Not a lot is different in this one, except it’s just a bunch of generic drug-dealing hoodrats that more technically “found” than “stole” his gold, though it gets stolen a few times as it goes from one gangbanger to another. Lep 5 had a better soundtrack, including a rap track specially produced for it (“Lep in tha hood, up to do no good”); this one is populated solely by B-team rappers who should probably be second in street-corner space to Hustle Hill. This is more a comedy movie than a horror movie; the comedy has its moments (including an in-depth discussion of why calling each other “nigga” is out, and “ninja” is in, a joke that gets revisited perhaps a few too many times throughout the film), though it relies heavily on midget jokes that have become stale by this sixth round in the series. Even though people get stabbed with various objects, the gore is turned way down in this one, and the director made the assumption that we actually give a damn about the characters – a couple of them try to have relationships, work at a beauty salon, fight over drug territory, etc. Yawn. Another observation: in most of the Lep movies, his kills are total surprises, popping out of nowhere. In this one, he’s more of a Jason Voorhees type, managing to kill people as they pound the shit out of him with various ineffective tactics (curling iron, sawed-off shotgun, fortuneteller magic, etc.) He’s still immune to everything but four-leaf clovers.

Leprechaun 6
too many Irish car bombs

Of course, the ghetto Mounties get their man, but I will say that the folks at Glock are probably none too pleased with the ending. In sum: it’s a movie. It’s a movie about a killer leprechaun in the ghetto. Take your low expectations down to the video store, pick up this rental and a 40 of your favorite malt beverage (which you can pour on the stoop in memory of the fallen homies in the flick if you don’t want to drink it), and you won’t be disappointed.

– Alyx K

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