Missing High School Student Involved With Vampire Cult?

Shelby Ellis and 2 Others Believed To Be Involved With Some Cult By Parents

November 2 2010 Categorized Under: True Horror Stories No Commented
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Shelby Ellis Missing

16 year old Shelby Ellis, a student at McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia, has been missing for 3 weeks. Her disappearance may be linked to the brief disappearance of two other high school girls, and a web site called Vampire Freaks.

Shelby Ellis

According to CBS Atlanta, the three teens were into the Goth lifestyle, vampires, and visiting the Vampire Freaks website. All three girls disappeared within days of each other – two of them have turned up but Shelby is still missing. A private investigator hired by Shelby’s parents think they were involved with an underground cult of some sort.

Missing Teen

Since all three girls are underage, information is restricted. However, it is known that the two girls are not talking to investigators – if they know something, they aren’t telling.

A quick look at the Vampire Freaks website doesn’t seem to turn up anything particularly threatening. But you know how the media likes to sensationalize.


Shelby was found alive and well in Washington, apparently staying with somebody she met online.

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