More Real-Life Horror: British Woman Decapitated In Supermarket

Crazed Bulgarian Deyan Valentinov Deyanov Arrested On Island Of Tenerife

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A British woman who was beheaded in a Tenerife supermarket was being followed by a man and had asked for help minutes before she was attacked.

Victim Beheaded

Jennifer Mills-Westley, a 60 year old British grandmother, was in fear for her life while on the island of Tenerife, which is the largest and most populous of the Canary Islands. A regular visitor who owned holiday homes in the town of Los Cristianos, Mills-Westley told workers in a nearby social security office that she was being followed. When the coast was clear, she exited the building. But it was a false sense of security – the man went into the supermarket where she was shopping, stabbed Mills-Westley 14 times in the neck with a kitchen knife, and ran out the shop with her severed head.

The crazed killer – identified as a Bulgarian man named Deyan Valentinov Deyanov – was chased by security guards and tackled in the street.

Deyanov Arrested

Deyanov was tackled by security and arrested.

Deyanov was well known by the locals, who said that his behavior was becoming more terrifying and unhinged recently. He was called “The Prophet” because he would go around calling himself a “prophet of God” and would pretend to have conversations with him. He would also shout at tourists, saying things like “I am God and I’m going to strike you down. I’m going to destroy you.

Deyanov was known to local police and has a history of violent crimes. The unhinged 28 year old lived in lived in a filthy house on the beach with other squatters. The home was described this way:

The foul property stank of urine and was littered with old mattresses and empty beer cans. Inside there was a shrine to Jesus which had been made out of breeze block, along with a charred copy of the bible.

Deyanov House

Source: Daily Mail

Tenerife is the most populated island of Spain and is a big tourist spot – 5 million tourists visit the island every year.

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