Real Life Horror: Woman Makes Necklace Out Of Her Mother’s Skull

Woman Makes Necklace Out Of Her Mother’s Skull

October 16 2008 Categorized Under: True Horror Stories No Commented
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Here’s some non-fiction horror for you, courtesy of Fox News:

An elderly California grandmother allegedly was cremated in her backyard by her daughter and grandson, who then cashed her monthly retirement checks for nearly a year, authorities say.

Kathleen Allmond, 50, and son Tony Ray, 30, were arrested Sunday after Tehama County Sheriff’s officers found a makeshift barbecue containing remains believed to be those of Ramona Yolanda Allmond, 84, who died at her Corning residence of unknown causes in December, Capt. Paul Hosler said.

Kathleen Allmond then allegedly made a necklace with a portion of her mother’s skull, which she wore around her neck. Hosler said Allmond later posted a photograph of herself wearing the necklace on her MySpace account.

Evidence removed from the culvert believed to be human bone and dental remains has been sent to Chico State University for analysis.

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