Mountain Devils and Aliens: Practical Jokes Gone Horribly Wrong

Chad, Matt, and Rob Pull Pranks Involving Fake Monsters, But The Real Monsters Soon Show Up!

May 4 2010 Categorized Under: Horror Spoofs No Commented
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Chad, Matt, Rob - Alien Joke

These two shorts have their share of fun and scares. First up: Chad, Matt, and Rob get involved with an uninvited guest. Chad is known to hate aliens, so the guys think it’s a great idea to scare him with a fake-alien prank. Then the real alien shows up:

Not having learned their lesson, the guys pull another prank on Chad involving the Lone Pine Mountain Devil, which Chad also fears. (Chad’s afraid of everything). The Lone Pine Mountain Devil is said to be a carnivorous predator of North American folklore, spotted in Inyo County, California as far back as 1839. It’s in Wikipedia or whatnot. For reals!

Thanks to Becca Daniels for the link. CMR Website Here.

Magbo Invite Codes: 8727733PK6