Comments on “Movie Review: Halloween (2007)”, Page 1

Comments on “Movie Review: Halloween (2007)”, Page 1

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  1. Nate says:

    agreed entirely. i was very disappointed with what i anxiously thought would be a “decent” remake of a classic. i wasn’t expecting much because halloween is such a classic it would be impossible for carpenter himself to make it any better. i hated the dialogue throughout the movie. it all felt forced. how many f bombs did the cast drop that seemed out of place? it felt like an 8th grader wrote most of the script. and to me, it was much scarier when you don’t have a good reason why michael is so psychotic. having that back story just humanizes the character and makes it easier to accept his behavior. not a good addition to the storyline in my opinion.

  2. Yay, nudity! Vaginahawk!

    And Illinois redneck trash does exist, and pretty close to the city, from what I have been told. You’d have to ask an expert like Hoodcity, tho.

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