Mummified Remains Of B-Movie Star Yvette Vickers Found

Movie Actress and Former Playmate Found By Neighbor

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Yvette Vickers Photo

The mummified remains of of 82-year old Yvette Vickers – B-Movie Star and one time Playboy Playmate – was found by a neighbor in her Los Angeles home a week ago.

Authorities suggest that she may have been dead for a year. Police say there are no signs of foul play. Her neighbor went to check on her after noticing cobwebs on the mailbox. “I had a bad feeling” she said.

“She kept to herself, had friends and seemed like a very independent spirit,” Savage said. “To the end, she still got cards and letters from all over the world requesting photos.” The “bright, intelligent” Vickers had become “paranoid” in recent years and thought she was being stalked, said Boyd Magers, editor and publisher of Western Clippings, a Western-film publication. He often accompanied her to film festivals.

Source: Bellingham Herald

Yvette Vickers was born on August 26, 1936 in Kansas City, Missouri. She majored in picture and theater arts at UCLA. She first made an appearance in the classic 1950 film Sunset Boulevard (a small, uncredited role). In the mid 1950s she was cast in White Rain Shampoo commercials. Her first credited film role was in Short Cut to Hell (1957), directed by James Cagney. Vickers starred as Honey Parker in 1958’s Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman and played the part of Liz Walker in the 1959 B-movie Attack of the Giant Leeches (which was also featured on MST3K).

Attack of the Giant Leeches

Yvette Vickers stars in ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES (1959)

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Yvette Vickers stars in ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN (1958)

With measurements: 35-22-35 (so says Celebrity Sleuth), Vickers became a Playboy Playmate in the July, 1959 issue.

Yvette Vickers in Playboy

More about Yvette and the “Attack…” movies are at Uranium Cafe.

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