Comments on “Paranormal Activity 2″, Page 1

Comments on “Paranormal Activity 2″, Page 1

October 29 2010 Categorized Under: Movie Reviews 2 Commented

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  2. Damn Quilty says:

    To the assholes in charge of making this disgrace for the horror films…SHOW SOMETHING! BUILD AN ATMOSPHERE! MAKE THE AUDIENCE CARE FOR THE CHARACTERS! HAVE A PLOT! IF YOU ARE NOT SHOWING ANYTHING MAKE THE AUDIENCE FEEL REAL SUSPENSE! GEEZ If I wanted to use my imagination I will read a book, a thing I love to do,but when I am watching a film I like to feel something because of what they show me, not because Im killing my cellbrains to see something is never shown… I watched the 1 and I am not going to make the mistake of watching this one too. I felt asleep watching it waiting for something to happen… anything… almost How many 20, 30, 40? A bunch of minutes in and the only thing that they came out with was a noise or just fucking flour?! Its an insult. Another thing…DONT FORCE THINGS!!! If you pay attention you will get what I mean… Overall I hate it. I dont know if it the worst thing I ever saw…but its in the top 5 worst horrors movies along with Halloween I and H2 by Zombie..

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