Real Horror? Stab Victim Doesn’t Know About Blade In Her Neck

Mugging Victim Julia Popova Not Aware Of Blade In Her Neck

February 7 2010 Categorized Under: True Horror Stories No Commented
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Here’s a weird one that most news outlets are confirming is a real story:

In Moscow: Julia Popova, 22, was stabbed by a mugger as she walked home from work one day last autumn, and she calmly walked home without realizing that the knife was still embedded in her neck, just a fraction of an inch from her spinal cord.

In this image: the six inch blade is show protruding from the back of her neck!
Julia Popova

‘This is our photo, she was here,’ a senior doctor at the hospital in the north of the Russian capital told the MailOnline. Other medics also confirmed the case. Miraculously, the knife missed her spinal cord and major arteries in her neck. The woman recovered with no long-term effects after 10 days in the hospital.

Some are convinced the image is a fake, since this story’s first appearance was in a Moscow tabloid – Tvoi den (Your Day). However, when the body goes into shock, many times the victim feels no pain. There are documented examples of people undergoing massive trauma to their bodies without realizing it. Also – tabloids have been known to break real stories, like the National Enquirer stories on the John Edwards affair.

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