Repo Men vs Repo: The Genetic Opera

Repo Men vs Repo! The Genetic Opera

January 25 2010 Categorized Under: Upcoming Horror Movies No Commented
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I saw an interesting preview the other day for a movie called Repo Men.

Here is the preview:

As you can guess from the trailer, Repo Men concerns a future corporation that creates artificial organs, then repos them when the user falls behind on payments. Directed by Miguel Sapochnik and written by Eric Garcia (based on his novel The Repossession Mambo) and Garrett Lerner, the film stars Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as a pair of professional organ “repo men”.

Does that sound familiar? It should to any fan of Darren Lynn Bousman’s and Terrance Zdunich’s Repo! The Genetic Opera. Think of Repo Men as that film, except played straight (no opera/musicals). When interviewed on Aint’ It Cool News, Eric Garcia compared the tone of the film to Robocop and Brazil, and he expressed his like of Alex Cox’s Repo Man (great film, by the way), but of course, no mention of Repo! The Genetic Opera (until the talkbackers had their say).

Zdunich, to some people’s surprise, is not concerned about ideas and themes being similar and points out in his blog that there is no talk of suing Universal or anything like that:

Several entertainment attorneys told us that while the script, characters, and music of REPO! are copyright protected, the ideas are not. In other words: unless exact lines of dialogue or identical lyrics were lifted from REPO! and placed into Repo Men, which would prove beyond a doubt that plagiarism had occurred, that we did not have a case. We were further told that attempting to litigate against Universal?s mammoth legal team would be, in effect, suicide.

He goes on to say that the uniqueness of Repo! will make it stand apart from Repo Men, and doubts that people will be dressing up as Jude Law and acting out scenes from the film in the aisles of theatres, Rocky Horror-style. He’s probably right.

Repo Men will arrive in theaters on April 2nd, 2010.

~ Bill G

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