Shining Trailer Spoof

Funny Shining Spoof Trailer Makes It Look Like A Comedy/Drama

March 12 2007 Categorized Under: Horror Spoofs No Commented

This Shining trailer spoof takes the horror of Kubrick’s The Shining and turns it upside down. The movie is now portrayed as some kind of heartwarming comedy/drama.

The trailer only cheats one time, and that is when Jack says “I’m your new foster father”, which is from About Schmidt, not The Shining. Otherwise, it’s brilliant and a great example of how the makers of preview trailers can make the movies look like anything they want them to. How many times have we paid good money to watch a movie that was nothing like the trailer made it out to be?


What if Blue Velvet was turned into a wacky comedy? It might look something like Something Blue.