Shining Trailer Spoof

Funny Shining Spoof Trailer Makes It Look Like A Comedy/Drama

March 12 2007 Categorized Under: Horror Spoofs No Commented
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This Shining trailer spoof takes the horror of Kubrick’s The Shining and turns it upside down. The movie is now portrayed as some kind of heartwarming comedy/drama.

The trailer only cheats one time, and that is when Jack says “I’m your new foster father”, which is from About Schmidt, not The Shining. Otherwise, it’s brilliant and a great example of how the makers of preview trailers can make the movies look like anything they want them to. How many times have we paid good money to watch a movie that was nothing like the trailer made it out to be?


What if Blue Velvet was turned into a wacky comedy? It might look something like Something Blue.

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