Coming Soon: Six Degrees of Hell – With Corey Feldman

Upcoming Supernatural Thriller Is Set At The Hotel of Horror In Saylorsburg, PA

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Six Degrees of Hell is a new horror film coming soon that just recently finished shooting. It features Corey Feldman (Friday the 13th Part 4, Lost Boys) in a major role and was shot on location at a Halloween Haunted attraction in Pennsylvania known as the Hotel of Horror, which is located in Saylorsburg, about 45 minutes from Blairstown, NJ (site of the original “Camp Crystal Lake.”)

Corey Feldman - Six Degrees of Hell

Corey Feldman is back in "Six Degrees of Hell"

The plot of Six Degrees of Hell involves 6 people who are caught up in a supernatural “perfect storm” as an evil lays claim to one of them. In the movie, Corey Feldman plays a paranormal investigator named Kyle Brenner. Also starring is Jill Whelan, Brian Anthony Wilson, Brian Gallagher, Susan Moses, Nicole Cinaglia, David J. Bonner, and Tom McCarthy.

Saylor Lake House

The Saylor Lake House aka Horror Hotel

The “Haunted Attraction” where the film takes place is known as the Lake House. According to the movie’s official site, it was a former tavern, build in 1847 in Saylorsburg, PA by a man named Charles Saylor. During the Great Depression, the town itself was infamous for its suicides. At least 15 of them were committed at the Lake House. The building is known for encounters with ghosts, one of which is a boy who died in front of the house in a car crash; another is a man who perished in the surrounding area mines. (Note: we can’t confirm or deny these events. Perhaps the locals can?) The Saylor Lake house is also called the Hotel of Horror and you can visit it here.

Six Degrees of Hell is directed and produced by Joe Raffa, a filmmaker from the Philadelphia area. This is his second film following You’ll Know My Name. The movie is also produced and written by Harrison Smith. Principal photography wrapped on August 21. A release date is set for 2012.

Check out some more teaser photos below.


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