Standards of Living – Filmed On the iPad 2

Horror Comedy From Aaron Mento Is The First Feature Film Shot On A Tablet

September 19 2013 Categorized Under: Horror News, Movie Reviews No Commented
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After graduating from the film production program at Loyola Marymount University, Aaron Mento still had yet to get into actual production. Then for 15 minutes he suffered an ocular migraine. That brief health scare pushed him into a production cycle that lead to the creation of Ocular Migraine Films. One of Mento’s releases is a horror comedy called Standards of Living, which was filmed entirely on the iPad 2. Standards of Living is the first feature film in the world shot entirely on a tablet.

Plot Synopsis: In order to enhance his ability to make people laugh, a struggling comedian named Peter takes part in a teleportation experiment that “improves” whatever cargo is being teleported…but the results are no laughing matter.

Mento says that the inspiration for Standards of Living was The Twilight Zone and David Lynch’s Inland Empire, which was shot on miniDV. He was also inspired by magicians from his childhood:

I always used to wonder how David Copperfield and Penn & Teller could make objects disappear. Where the hell did these objects disappear to? In my movie, there is a man who can make things disappear for real, and we get to see exactly where these vanished objects go.

Watch Standards of Living: The entire film is available online. Watch it now:

Links: You can read the story about the first feature film on the iPad 2 in the LA Weekly. Here’s an interview with Aaron Men on Gorror. Here is the Official Site.

Bill G says: Standards of Living was very amusing to me. I enjoyed the performances all around, especially from the lead character Peter played by Scott Yarborough. The film is effective in how it reveals its answers and the use of the iPad gives the film a very interesting look, something much more polished than similar shot-on-video or found-footage/hand-held cam stuff. The parallel universe storyline kept me interested and the mixing of horror and comedic elements is also done well. Worth a look. I give it Star RatingStar RatingStar Rating (out of 4).

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