Terror At Ten Acres Preview

Independent Horror Film Shot On Location In Galloway, New Jersey

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Welcome to the Motel Ten Acres, where the check rates are low and the death rates are high

Five friends traveling down a long path to their final destination decide to pull into the motel for a little slumber. Little do they know who or what lurks in the darkness with the motel with a bloody past…

Plot Synopsis

Five traveling friends stop for the night at Motel Ten Acres, an old creepy motel. While trying to find somebody to check them in, one of their friends goes missing. They soon run into the owner, who tells them about the motel’s dark secret. Soon, the guests start disappearing…


Source: Shore News Today

Motel Ten Acres, Galloway, NJ

Motel Ten Acres, Galloway, NJ

It would be hard to miss the Motel Ten Acres and Mainland Grill on North Shore Road here. The neon sign with burned-out letters and eerie 1950s-looking red and white, and pink facades giving the property a strange, phantasmagoric aura. It was a location just waiting for a horror movie. Graffiti Playhouse Productions, a local independent film company, recently completed filming the movie “Terror at Ten Acres” at the site. Producers expect it to open in area theaters this summer.

Terror At Ten Acres Publicity Shot

The film is directed by Glenn Rodriguez, 23, and Leo Danger Ouano,19. “We’re all movie nerds,” says Rodriguez. “I saw Halloween when I was 6 years old and it gave me nightmares for weeks. Then I decided this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

“When we show the killer killing someone, we show a lot of the hands and the feet walking. We hide the killer. That’s a technique of the 70s and 80s horror movies when there was more suspense, until the later 80s and there was more of a shock factor. But we add both together and do it equally.”

The screenplay is written by Kevin Orosz, 27, a co-producer and actor in the film. Co-producers are Ed McKeever, Kristine Knowlton, and Mike Sweeney – they also star in the film. Orosz said a number of distribution companies have expressed interest in the movie, including After Dark Films.

10 Acres

Two more movies are planned. Recently, auditions for the second film (“Return to Ten Acres”) were held at the Mainland Grill in Galloway Township. Financial support for the second movie comes from the owner of the Mainland Grill – Michael Coppolecchia Sr. – who also plays a part in the first movie (currently in post-production). A trailer of the film will be seen at Frank’s Theaters.

Graffiti Playhouse Productions hopes that Terror at Ten Acres will make it to Monster-Mania, which takes place in August 2010. You can sign the petition here.

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