Comments on “Terror on Church Street Remembered”, Page 1

Comments on “Terror on Church Street Remembered”, Page 1

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  1. allison maynard says:

    i used to go there every weekend with my friends back in the day how is it noow

  2. allison maynard says:

    i love it there so much


    what time are you opening and closing daily?

  4. Mark Dark says:

    I was an actor at Terror on Church Street after it moved from it’s original locaton to Church St. Station. I have worked in many Haunted Attractions for over 20 years. I have to say that Terror was one of the best. Please go and see Nightmares at the Majestic if you want to see the best since Terror!

  5. […] remembers Terror on Church Street?! I’m takin’ it waaaaay back right now. I recall visiting Orlando when I was younger […]

  6. naya says:

    I went there twice when i visited orlando and i’ve never been more terrified!Downtown was great back then.

  7. Will B says:

    Me and the family went to Florida and decided to go to downtown Orlando for the day just to break up going to the theme parks. We got there and naively went into the first place we saw forma bite to eat. Sexy women on roller skates wearing hotpants. The first time we had ever come across Hooters being from England. Being 15 at the time this was a perfect lunch stop.

    After that my older brother and my mum webt off shopping and me, my dad and my younger brother had stumbled across Terror on Church Street. We thought we would go in and paid little attention to the then photos on the wall outside of people crouching in terror. So we went in.

    Well this was not what we expected at all! If you have ever been to the London Dungeon in England you would know that it is creepy but mainly historical i.e more about history than being scary. This is what we thought Terror would be.

    I can safely say this is maybe the greatest thing we have been on/in. We still talk abounit to this day and the fact that it is no longer there makes it seem like it was all a nightmarish dream. Just like the terror experience. When trying to describe it to people the best thing i can say is that imagine being in several horror movies yourself. So clever and a travsesty it is no longer there.

    So glad we stumbled across it and went in. Viva Terror on Church Street

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