Thai Horror Posters Part 2

More Imaginative Horror Posters From Thailand

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Here’s a sequel to our first post on Thai Horror Posters. As you know, horror movie advertising in Thailand can get really clever. Sometimes a movie will live up to its poster, sometimes not. But even if a movie sucks, at least there’s the fascinating artwork to admire.

Here’s a snippet of a post from the now defunct Bangkok 1080 website regarding Thai poster art:

…Characteristically, there is an abundance of detail, with the film’s heroes always dominating the painting. A package of smaller images is added around their picture, showing some events of the film to attract film goers.

…The only time a homegrown movie could compete with a Western picture was if it was sensationalized in the poster to the extent that they often took events far further than the actual movie.

Thai horror posters reveal a wide range of talent on behalf of the artists who paint them. Enjoy a few below:

The horror/comedy Ghost Variety comes in two flavors – one a bit more horrific and claustrophobic, the other a bit more playful. Click the thumbnails for larger views:

Ghost Variety Poster #2Ghost Variety Poster #1

The Thai horror film Colic (dek hen pee) is about a baby stricken with colic (a condition in which a baby cries frequently for extended periods) which may be caused by something supernatural. The posters verge on the exploitative, but we’re sure it got people’s attention. Click the thumbnails for larger views:

Colic Poster #1Colic Poster #2

Here’s a cool poster from 13: Game of Death (aka 13 Beloved):

13 Beloved (2006)

13 Beloved AKA 13: Game of Death

The thriller Alone concerns a woman haunted by her Siamese twin sister, who died years earlier when the two were separated in surgery. The poster below suggests the girl won’t have to worry about being alone:

Alone - Poster (2007)

Alone (2007)

Here are some more eye-catching posters from the Art of the Devil trilogy. Click the thumbnails for larger views:

Art of the Devil Poster

Art of the Devil

Art of the Devil 2 (Poster #1)

Art of the Devil 2

Art of the Devil 2 (Poster #2)

Art of the Devil 2

Art of the Devil 2 (Poster #3)

Art of the Devil 2

Art of the Devil 3 (Poster #1)

Art of the Devil 3

Art of the Devil 3 (Poster #2)

Art of the Devil 3

Here’s an effective poster for the Thai horror film The Victim, about an actress hired to simulate murders for the police. She soon becomes haunted by one of the dead victims.

The Victim (2006)

The Victim (2006)

Here’s a nice rendition of the American movie I Come in Peace, aka Dark Angel (with Dolph Lundgren). Always loved those killer CDs !!

Dark Angel - Thai Poster

Dark Angel (I Come In Peace)

Here are two larger-than-life posters for the Thai film Boa (2006). About a giant boa constrictor, the movie was not well received, but we think it would be a perfect fit on SyFy next to all the other Asylum productions. (Click thumbnails for larger views)

Boa (Poster #1)Boa (Poster #2)

Speaking of snakes…how about a whole crapload of them? That’s what the new 2010 film The Intruder serves up (click thumbnails for larger):

The Intruder (Poster #1)The Intruder (Poster #2)

That’s it for our Thai Horror Posters segment. We’ll leave off with this humorous poster for The Eye 3 (also called The Eye 10, or The Eye: Infinity) – another entry from the Pang Brothers.

The Eye 10 Poster

The Eye 3 aka The Eye 10

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