The Beast – Horror Short Film

Starring Bill Oberst, Jr., Directed by Peter Dukes

April 12 2013 Categorized Under: Horror Shorts No Commented
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The Beast is a horror short film written, directed and produced by Peter Dukes. It stars rising star Bill Oberst, Jr. as a father who struggles with how to handle his only son, who suffers the curse of the werewolf.

Watch The Beast below:

Peter Dukes created The Beast under the banner of Dream Seekers Productions, also responsible for other shorts like A Goblin’s Tale, They Watch, and Ghosts. You can visit the Official Site or the Facebook Page.

Bill Oberst, Jr. has been seen in Take This Lollipop, the clever interactive Facebook app/short from Jason Zada which incorporates your personal Facebook profile into it, showing a mentally disturbed Oberst Jr. hunched over his computer looking at the profile, then finding your house on Google maps and driving over to it. He also played Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (The Asylum’s spoof of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). For 2013 and 2014 he has a number of films in production.

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