The Colony – With Bill Paxton and Laurence Fishburne

Post-Apocalyptic Thriller From Jeff Renfroe Takes Place In A New Ice-Age

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The upcoming 2013 sci-fi/horror film The Colony is a post-apocalyptic thriller that stars Bill Paxton, Laurence Fishburne, and Kevin Zegers. The film is set in the future where the next ice-age has come about, and an outpost of colonists are struggle to survive underground below the surface. The leader of Colony 7 – Briggs (Fishburne) leads an expedition to Colony 5, with whom they have lost communications. Accompanying him is Mason (Paxton) and Sam (Zegers), a mechanic. They soon discover that Colony 5 poses a serious threat to their lives.

The Colony Trailer

After watching that trailer, there’s something a little bit Pandorum about it, no? Twitchfilm has a nice interview with Bill Paxton over his role in the Canadian-produced thriller (The Colony was shot in Northern Ontario). Paxton had this to say about the movie and his character:

It’s kind of a Lord of the Flies scenario, after civilization is wiped out and there are just pockets of people banding together trying to stay alive. It’s about what happens then, how is humanity preserved. My character, he’s very Darwinian about it, and he’s kind of given up his humanity just to survive…That’s what I have to bring to it – I’m an antagonist, but it’s my hard philosophy. I didn’t want to play a guy who’s just disagreeable, you’ve got to give him some sort of a compelling argument. Laurence Fishburne he’s the authority, the head of the colony, and he came from military like I do so he understands that discipline is important to maintain order, but he still has empathy for what all these people are suffering.

Image from "The Colony"

Image from “The Colony”

The Colony is directed by Jeff Renfroe, who was co-director of the 2004 sci-fi mindbender Paranoia: 1.0 (a very interesting film worth checking out). The Colony opens in Canada on April 12, 2013. The US release date is unknown at this time.

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