The Exorcist – Original Audience Reactions

The Exorcist – Original Audience Reactions

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It’s interesting to see this old footage of audience reaction to The Exorcist, when it debuted in 1973. Check it out:

It’s obvious that the movie caused a mini-mass-hysteria, with long lines of people waiting to get into movie theaters and reports of people fainting and running out because of the film’s graphic nature.

Exorcist Theater Lines 1973

After the Exorcist was released, Linda Blair had death threats against her. She required body guards for 6 months.

Bonus: Here’s Linda Blair talking about the infamous crucifix scene, where she admits she didn’t understand what was going on there and why she had to stab a crucifix into a hidden box.

4 Responses to “The Exorcist – Original Audience Reactions”

  1. crystal says:

    My mother TILL THIS DAY can not watch, hear, or be in the same room with the exorcist movie playing , and she saw it when she was 15.

  2. Damn Quilty says:

    ….I love this. And because I like to bitch about Paranormal Activity… This is how you show people your movie is scary…shake for no reason, faints, disgust…not just a bunch of scary cats shriek for no reason.

    This movie is one of the best I ever seen… horror.

  3. Ramones Fan says:

    This horror movie set the standard…NO computer generated crap…when they showed the preists in the room and the room was freezing………its because the room WAS FREEZING there will be no other horror movie to top it.

  4. Brossk says:

    I was born May 1973, So when this movie first hit the streets i was only 7 months old. My mother told me she brought me to the movie theater in a stroller and i slept through this entire movie, Lucky me. My mother said this movie scared her to death. I eventually saw this for the first time back in 1983 when i was 10 and it scared me also. What makes this movie so scary is the fact that its so realistic that your brain really thinks this is happening. My heart was beating fast at times, I also had a hopeless feeling throughout the movie like the demon was going to win the battle. I own the DVD extended directors cut, and the sound effects are awesome.

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