Comments on “The Keep (1983) – Directed by Michael Mann”, Page 1

Comments on “The Keep (1983) – Directed by Michael Mann”, Page 1

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  1. Sizzle says:

    I love this movie!! I really, really want to see Manns original cut of this film.

    The extended ending on you-tube is just that-an extending extending. It is NOT, “the second ending”(as it is sometimes referred too!) That sequence of film was a longer finale which was shot but unfortunately the special effects were never added in post production.

    The movie has shots and scenes missing throughout the film. Some of the dialogue in existing scenes, has been trimmed, and some has been removed entirely. In a few areas, different lines have been dubbed over the original dialogue. This was done by Paramount, to keep these particular scenes in context with the story in its abridged version, so as to remove dialogue which referred to plot points explored in scenes which were edited out altogether. Needless to say the story was still a mess. I dont think well ever see a directors cut unfortunately.

    Michael Mann remade L.A Take-down as Heat, and while I think its more likely Mann would rather remake The Keep, than re-edit it……. I just cant see that happening either, for a couple of reasons.

    The budget was not that big, despite the fact they went over. Paramount should have saw the project through to its conclusion, and let Mann finish the film the way he wanted too. Had they done that, I think the film would be held in high regard today. It would definitely have been a commercial success on video and DVD. Of that much, I have no doubt what-so-ever!! They really blew it then, when they took what was presented to them in post production, and decided to play around with it!

    • jpclarke says:

      I have been reading on the web that Michael Mann produced and I think directed Miami Vice and he tried to sue William Friedkin for the movie To Live and Die in he may have just been trying to out do him as the lawsuit was thrown out of court but they have become friends despite this.

      As my previous reply states I really think if he does “A George Lucas” on The Keep 1983 then not only would he please the older fans of the movie he will no doubt gain a whole new fan base then the movie studios who ruined the film in the first place will want to remake the movie and hopefully F. Paul Wilson would have more input as he has recently expanded his trilogy that incorporates “The Keep” with 3 other books to make it a series of six books in total with other books pertaining to the main characters mainly Repairman Jack who was supposed to be the Heir to Scott Glenn’s character in the book so they could no doubt expand the whole series and start off with the original remade to incorporate the new actors playing the characters like what Lucas has done with the Star Wars series.

      It would probably work if they cast the parts right and get the author involved like George R.R. Martin is involved with the game of thrones series.



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