The Saw VI “Give Till It Hurts” Blood Drive

New Blood Drive Ad Campaign Is A Saw Tradition Since 2004

September 18 2009 Categorized Under: Horror News No Commented
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Every year there’s a new Saw movie, and that means every year there’s a new Saw Blood Drive. The Give Till It Hurts blood drive has become as much a part of the horror hit’s annual rituals as its Halloween premiere date. Since the first Saw blood drive in 2004, collection totals have been increasing every year. Since 2007, Lionsgate has been coordinating with the American Red Cross.

This year, the ad campaign has been created by Ignition Print. Watch this video of Katherine MacDonald getting dressed up as this year’s Saw Nurse, wearing a Syringe Corset designed by the Blonds of New York.

Here she is (click the image for a larger version!)


Saw Nurses From Past Blood Drive Campaigns
(click for larger)

Magbo Invite Codes: 8727733PK6