The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time

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Top 10 Horror Movies Of All Time

It’s always difficult to come out and declare the top 10 best horror movies ever made. It’s inevitable that there will be complaints. One thing to remember is that movies aren’t made or seen in a vacuum. Whether you like a movie or not can be influenced by your age and what generation you’re in.

For example, The Exorcist is a classic, but it’s not on our list, and that’s because there are plenty of other scarier and more interesting flicks out there (according to us). Some flicks are historical touchstones, certainly, but we weighed other factors too. Editors Note: after a recent revisit to The Exorcist, we may have to throw it back in the list.

Anyway, here’s our take on

The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time

10. Hellraiser (1987)

You know I got soul!

A total creepout, Clive Barker’s story of the Cenobites (“demons to some, angels to others”) who visit you when you solve a mysterious puzzle box. Although we don’t know how you can see them as angels. Frank Cotton, after being ripped apart by chains, says that the Cenobites bring pain and pleasure, indivisible. Of course, he’s saying this while not wearing any skin. We’re still waiting for the pleasure.

Then there’s Doug Bradley as the lead Cenobite Pinhead. He gets all the best lines, like “No tears, please! It’s a waste of good suffering!”. Andrew Robinson (Deep Space Nine, Dirty Harry) says “Jesus wept.” before getting his face torn off. Don’t forget the weird bum walking around who eats scorpions for fun. What’s your pleasure, sir?

Spawned many sequels, mostly direct to video trash. The only other one worth watching is the second one, Hellbound, which doubles up on the “I can’t believe I just saw that” factor.

9. The Evil Dead (1981)

Evil Dead
And the maid doesn’t come till Sunday!

The first entry in Sam Raimi’s very fine trilogy about demons possessing the living. This is where Bruce Campbell’s career really took off, although his version of Ash in this movie is nothing like in parts 2 and 3. Here, he’s reluctant to do anything heroic and there’s no wisecracking. Probably because it’s hard to think of something funny to say when your loved one gets possessed and proceeds to chew her own hand off.

The Evil Dead goes pretty damn far to gross you out. There’s decapitation, dismemberment, blood pouring from open orifices, a pencil-to-ankle stabbing, Bruce Campbell being humped by his headless girlfriend’s corpse while simulataneously spewing blood into his face, and rape by a tree branch.

Evil Dead is the ultimate in what they call “spam in a cabin” flicks. It introduced the Necronomicon (book of the dead, bound in human flesh, written in blood) which itself comes alive a few times. It shows Sam Raimi’s brilliance in long tracking shots and establishing an atmosphere of claustrophobia. It also plays with genre conventions (“It won’t start!” she cries. “It won’t let us leave!” Then, the car starts.)

And it’s gross. Sometimes, that’s enough. Reviewed here.

8. Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Dawn of the Dead
Look folks, we already told you, we’re out of the iPod.

Ah yes, Dawn of the Dead, another grossout that happens to be about something. Those zombies are us, dude. Why do you think they hang out at the shopping mall, walking around aimlessly while Muzak plays?

Romero’s Night of the Living Dead will always be a classic (and it’s about the civil rights movement, dummy!) but Dawn will always be our personal favorite. Ken Foree is a God in this picture. And Tom Savini gets to show off his talent for gooey effects. Try not to eat anything before watching this movie. Unless, of course, you like eating human intestines.

And we still think the pie-in-the-zombie-face is pretty funny. Followed by Day of the Dead, which is pretty good. The remake is also worth a look.

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Lee Press-on Nails – They won’t break or split!

Sure, we all know Michael Meyers and Jason Vorhees were pros when it came to slashin’, but nobody had personality like Freddy Krueger. Add to that the fact that his origins and supernatural abilities are far more interesting than anything in the Friday the 13th or Halloween movies, throw in some subtextual Reagan-80s angst, and let Wes Craven put the whole thing together, and you’ve got a horror film that elevates itself above the genre.

Inspired a crapload of sequels, including Freddy vs Jason. Parts 2 and 3 are ok (yes, part 2. we said it). The rest kinda suck. (Except for Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, which wasn’t bad.) But this is the best, and in the end, the only one really worth watching. Watch for your favorite hunk Johnny Depp in his debut as a jock teen, as well as John Saxon as Nancy’s daddy. Because John Saxon rules in any movie. You’ll also love the ongoing bit regarding Nancy’s mom and a bottle of booze.

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
My Dinner With Leatherface

The ultimate in grindhouse entertainment, in our opinion unmatched by any of the sequels or remakes. Based very loosely on the story of Ed Gein, who kept human skulls, skin, and other parts in his home as decorations, this film concerns a group of kids on a road trip who end up attacked by a family of crazed cannibals in rural Texas, one of whom likes to wear a mask of human skin and has a certain way with a chainsaw.

From the very beginning, when John Larroquette delivers the infamous monologue, and a radio broadcast tells the story of decomposed corpses and grave robberies, we get an idea of what we’re in for. It’s a truly surrealistic experience and it’s raw.

Tobe Hooper would later give us Eaten Alive, The Funhouse, Poltergeist, Lifeforce, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, which is pretty damn entertaining in its own right.

The movie is a product of the Vietnam era, examining the decay of the rural South, and the ties that bind a family together – yes, Leatherface’s family. Roger Ebert found the movie effective and scary, yet gave it 2 stars because he found it “unnecessary” and “without purpose.” Looking past the fact that sometimes scary is enough, it seems to us that Ebert disdains the horror genre enough that he doesn’t bother to probe the film for deeper meaning. Sometimes you get out what you put in.

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145 Responses to “The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”

  1. samit says:

    my top 5

    1.the grudge is always rules on no.1
    2.the shutter goosebumps
    3.gothica really scary
    4.emilly ross the exorcist
    5.paranormal activity 2 best in movie in very low budget

    • abc says:

      i really do agree with you,,,no one tops grudge
      it is the godfather for every horror movie

      • keikei says:

        i don’t think so! the grudge isn’t that scary!

      • Cassandra_Marie123 says:

        1st Of All “The Grudge” Was Made (October 22 2004), & “Pycho”, “Halloween”, “Frankenstein”, “It”, “Friday The 13th”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “The Exorcist”, “American Psycho”, “Carrie”, “Amityville Horror” (The Original) & Plenty More Were Made Before That So How Is The Grudge The Grandfather ? Oh, Yea It Isn’t Try Again ! They Said That Psycho Was The Grandfather To Halloween In Order To Be The GrandFather To A Movie The Movie Needs To Be Older Than The One It’s The Grandfather To So Psycho (Made In 1960) IS The Grandfather To Halloween (Made In 1978) & It Makes Since Cause Psycho Was Made Before Halloween !!! ALL Those Movies I Named Up There Were Made BEFORE THE GRUDGE So How Is The Grudge The Grandfather ? Check Your Facts ! Please, & ThankYou (; Your Inncorrect . ! ! DISMISSED :3 I Know A Little .. Sorry ALOT More Than You Do About Horror Films Obviously .. The Grudge Wasn’t Scary .. Compared To Those Movies TRUST ! “Halloween” Is Still A Movie People Talk About On The Daily Like “Friday The 13th”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, & So On .. Who Still Conversates About The Grudge Unless They’re Saying How Un-Ifective It Was If You Were Scared Out Of Your Witts By That Movie You Were Probably An Infant . The Grudge Is A LIGHT-WEIGHT ! Compared To All Those SCARY HEAVY-WEIGHT Movies Up There ! Ot’s People Like You That Call Themselves Horror Fans, But Don’t Know The 1st Thing About Horror Films ! You Watch A Few Movies, Then Call Yourself A Horror Fan . When You Don’t Know The History Of Horror ! Okay Like Seriously Get A Life Stop Acting Like You Know Stuff When You Obviously Don’t Your Probably Just A Goober That Sits In Your House Sll Day On The Internet, & One Fay Say Oh, I Wanna Call Myself A Horror Fan No, Hunny That’s Not How It Works !! MY TOP FIVE HORROR MOVIES ARE: 1.) “Psycho” 2.) “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” 3.) Halloween 4.) Friday The 13th 5.) The Exorcist (; BYE

  2. Brandon Morgan says:

    I like the new Nightmare In Elm ST and the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  3. Becca says:

    My top 5 are

    1. The Shining
    2. Children Of The Corn
    3. Coraline
    4. Carrie
    5. The Amityville Horror

    • Tony says:

      have you seen insidious?

      • Beth says:

        @Tony – I watched Insidious for the first time last nite & loved it! there’s supposed to be a sequel coming out next year. It’s no wonder since the first one did nearly 100m at the box office. Loved the twist at the end – did not see that coming. Good stuff!

  4. six pack hero says:

    evil dead is so gooood….

  5. Dusty says:

    Why aren’t there any Vincent Price movies on here? Dude! He MADE horror. Just listen to that voice. Epic! Theatre of Blood should definitely be on here. It was completely horrifying while still managing to hold together a wonderful storyline.

  6. Mierra says:

    2.suicide club

    God these movies are scary…luv it!

  7. blake says:

    1. the silence of the lambs
    2. saw
    3. the hills have eyes
    4. hostel
    5. human centipede 2
    my top five

  8. charlie says:

    all ways 1. the grudge cuz i have seen a lot of horror and i have been looking for the best list and one had the grudge #13 so these people are stupid. the grudge had my up all night for weeks.

    • keikei says:

      you are stupid!

    • Cassandra_Marie123 says:

      Like She Said, ” YOU ARE STUPID” .. .. .. .. “The Grudge”, Is One Of The Many Low Budget Horror Films Of All Time, & Just Cause Your Scared Of The Grudge Who Give A Flying Fat Rats Butt ! You Can Go With The Other 30% Of Idiots, & Be Scared But The Smart Ones Will Stay Here We Know That The Grudge Was Alright, & Not Even That Okay Get It Right ! Your Stupid For Even Saying That People That Don’t Think It’s Not Scary Is Stupid Retard Please Not This Day Nor AnyOther Day In This Life Time .. You Are Definitely . . . . DISMISSED PLEASE & THANKYOU, Write Back Now ! Ya’ Here! Toodles ;3

  9. Tony says:

    1. Insidious-Definitely best scary movie of all time.
    2. The ring
    3. the exorcist
    4. the grudge
    5. sinister
    6. Halloween
    7. The 6th sense
    8. the shining
    9. saw-just plain creepy
    10. paranormal activity 1-3

    • Cassandra_Marie123 says:

      Where’s “Psycho” ? & “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, & I Really Think “The Ring” Is One Of The Worst Horror Films Of All Time “The Decent” Was Better !!

  10. Cassandra_Marie123 says:

    Top 5 Horror Films Are ;
    1.) “Psycho” (June 16th, 1960)
    2.) “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (October 1st, 1974)
    3.) “Halloween” (October 25th, 1978)
    4.) “Friday The 13th” (May 9th, 1980)
    5.) “The Shining” (May 23rd, 1980)

    {If You Agree Or Disagree Tell Me Why, & Leave A Comment}

  11. Nice sharing :)
    Top 9 Horror Films in my opinion are:

    1. The Exorcist
    2. The Omen
    3. IT (TV mini series)
    4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    5. Christine
    6. The Eye
    7. The Conjuring
    8. Evil Dead
    9. Shutter

  12. Vanessa says:

    My List:10.The Ring
    9.Fire in the Sky
    7.Evil Dead
    6.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    5.The Shining
    3.The Amityville Horror
    2.The Omen
    1.The Exorcist

  13. Good list, most of the classics are there. My personal favorite horror movie is The Descent :)

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