Comments on “The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”, Page 2

Comments on “The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”, Page 2

November 19 2007 Categorized Under: featured, Top Ten Lists 148 Commented

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148 Responses to “The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”

  1. jonny5mc says:

    I agree with CHRISTINA. I think that friday13th part 1 should get a spot,my mom let me see it when i was about 7or8 back in about 1987 and from then on all i wanted was more gore films. What about cannibal holocaust or i stand alone. I think that a lot of new horrors are to glossy and not truly as dark or grity as movies of the past?

  2. jonny5mc says:

    O and i just read what TEAK said and i think that they are spot on from early 70s to mid 80s had sum great horrors and if you look at SAW and hostel they have a kind of grim reality to them, like you can see yourself in there position {almost} and that is what makes us as human feel most uncomfortable.

  3. horranymphoe says:

    cube should definatley be on there and the ring.. and i hate to admit it but the party scene in the movie signs scared the absoulute shit owta me first time i saw it my spine instantly turned to ice and shattered.

  4. Warrior2 says:

    1. Exorcist ( Should be in every top ten)
    2. Amityville II: The Possession
    3. Exorcism of Emily Rose
    4. The Entity
    5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( original )
    6. Nightmare on Elm St.
    7. The Grudge
    8. Pet Cemetery
    9. The Ring
    10. Dead Silence

  5. mmorgan says:

    Black Belly of the Tarantula
    Horror of Dracula
    Tourist Trap
    Lady in a Cage

  6. Xmoor says:

    Nice to see such emotion in the comments, I would think different horrors for different people. I did not find Evil Dead or nightmare on Elm Street that scary good movies though and found The Ring really scary whilst maybe a bit of a cult movie. Here’s my top 10.

    1. The Shining
    2. The Exorcist
    3. Omen
    4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    5. Seven
    6. Silence of the Lambs
    7. The Ring
    8. Hellraiser
    9. Hostel
    10.Hills Have Eyes

  7. JasonV88 says:

    where the hell is the exorcist

  8. karthikeyan says:

    My top 10 horror movies

    1.The Ring
    3.Hill have eyes
    6.Evil dead
    7.Friday 13th
    9.Panoromic View
    10.Missed call – chinese version

  9. jack says:

    I personally think everyone who said new movies arent as scary are crazy.Where are some of the newer movies and i hate zombie movies and scifi.They arent scary at all and this list metions none of the good ones.And dont get me wrong i like the classics but new movies are good too.

  10. Vidya says:

    Oman? Really the whole country is a horror film?

  11. A silent stranger says:

    I agree with almost everyone on this list, they all have some important component of horror films( besides Christina since childsplay is a joke & Jack is no horror fan if he can’t open his eyes to the superiority of scifi and zombie horror). The thing about horror that makes them great are the fans, which there are definetely not enough. My list is never numbered when I think of the great achievements in horror, because there will never be a true #1 horror flick. And always remember that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

    The Shining
    The Exorcist
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    Evil Dead 2
    The Thing
    Night of The Living Dead
    The Mist

  12. lindsay says:

    todays horror movies cannot hold a candle to 70s and 80s horror movies! thats not an opinion, its a fact! those times are known as the golden age of horror. and by the way,a silent stranger-thats a great list! i can see you appreciate the classics.

  13. Samhain says:

    OK all of you are redick! Heres the list I believe should be the official top 10 horror movies of all time. Oh and to hell with any horror movie made after 1990!
    #1 The Thing
    #2 Amnitiville II
    #3 The Excorcist
    #4 Halloween
    #5 Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    #6 The Shinning
    #7 Friday the 13th
    #8 Alien
    #9 Dead Alive
    #10 Pet Sematary

  14. Christi says:

    Halloween 2
    2) Friday the 13th Part 2
    3) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

  15. Christi says:

    4)Halloween (1978)
    5)Wolf Creek
    6)High Tension
    9)Just Before Dawn

  16. Christi says:

    Probably the best, most realistic, and gut twisting movie I’ve ever seen is Wolf Creek. It is based on actual events and takes place in the Austrailian Outback about backpackers who break down and fall prey to a local. Totally suspenseful and well worth watching.

    I would also like to add the classic 1970′s flick “Race with the Devil”…If anyone remembers.

  17. scarlet says:

    #. The shining 1980 (should be in every top 10 horror movies)
    #. the exorcist
    #. The shining 1997
    #. the exorcism of emily rose.
    #. the silence of lambs
    #. nightmare on elm street
    #. the grudge

  18. jess says:

    the shining is damn scary! You guys should watch that. it should be the first in every Horror movie list.

  19. ricky says:

    Hey, guys… i think that the shining 1980 and the grudge are sexxy movies, i watched it in U.K theater london and guess what it freaked the shit out of me. man! what a movie! generelly i dont watch many scary movies. but these two movies caught me. i dint sleep at all when i watch the exorcism of emily rose. that is toooo good! im tellin ‘ya! watch it watch it watch it!!!!!!!!

    @steven and scarlet.— arent the two of you one person? two different people cant have the same picture. XD idiot.

  20. kevin says:

    “darkness falls” should have been raised to the top 10′s

  21. Sachin says:

    psycho hostel

  22. sandeep says:

    hey guys, my list is
    1. the shining
    2. a nightmare on elm street
    3. the exorciost
    4. invasion of body snatchers
    5. halloween
    6. misery
    7. dawn of the dead
    8. the thing
    9. friday the 13th
    10.bram stroker’s dracula

  23. MADHUCHETAN says:

    1408 should be there in the top 10

  24. ranadhir says:

    u guys dint see eraserhead i suppose.. i cudnt find a single mention of ths film ! the shining is a super film and a deserving topper :)

  25. SK says:

    One movie which is missed is 1408. It doesn’t have any deadly faces coming out of the screen and scaring you.It’s a movie of first kind which played with emotions and timing. Amazingly made

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