Comments on “The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”, Page 3

Comments on “The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”, Page 3

November 19 2007 Categorized Under: featured, Top Ten Lists 148 Commented

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148 Responses to “The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”

  1. Ryan says:

    An American Warewolf in London scared the crap out of me.

  2. Ryan says:


  3. naty says:

    esto da meno miedo esto es una verga ni miedo da solamente hay imagenes para cagarse de risa

  4. martin says:

    the hills have eyes (2006) really affected me, more than any other horror film. the thing was excellent but i have never been on the edge of my seat like i was when i saw the hills have eyes. half the cinema was oooh-ing and aaah-ing, and on the ride home in the car me and my mates were pretty much silent. i think if i had seen it as a little kid i would have been mentally scarred.

  5. mike garrens says:

    Halloween should be #1, it had more to offer as a horror film.#2 jaws#3 exercist#4 shining#5 American werewolf in London#6 the thing#7 Alien,#8 night living dead#9 hellraiser#10 carrie.

  6. mike garrens says:

    How can you people leave out jaws.

  7. Kevin says:

    wrong turn?

  8. lopli says:

    10. Pet Semetary
    9. The Shining
    8. Christine
    7. Child’s Play
    6. Alien
    5. Friday the 13th Part III
    4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre[1974]
    3. A Nightmare on Elm Street[1984]
    2. Jaws
    1. Halloween II[1981]

  9. saad gill says:

    9.THE OMEN
    10.FRIDAY THE 13TH

  10. Shane says:

    10.Childs play Part horror part comedy,awesome without the memories
    9. The Exorcist Uncut version,spider walk,shudder much?
    8.Saw Possibly The best semi indie film ever devised
    7.Final Destination The thought of mortality scares us all
    6.Nightmare on elm street (Original series,not piss poor remake)
    5.The Shining Jack Nicklson given free reign…ouch
    4.The Stand Brilliant story,not so much horror tho
    3.The Ring Reinforced my mirrorphobia
    2.Candyman Bees and lots of them,gave me mirrorphobia
    1.IT,Pure fear….not this jump out at you crap but wet your bed

  11. fero says:

    10.dawn of the dead
    9.evil dead
    8.nightmare on elm street
    6.nang nak(Thai)
    5.Ju on 2(Japan)
    4.4bia 2(Thai)
    3.Art of devil 2(Thai)
    2.Shutter(Thai ver.)

  12. hassan says:

    10-Day Of The Dead.
    9-Texas Chain Saw Massacre 19674.
    8-Cup Of My Blood.
    7-Evil Dead.
    6-Freddy V.S Jason.
    5-The Descent.
    4-Freaks 1931.
    3-Nightmare On Elm Street 1984.
    2-28Days 12Weeks.

  13. hassan says:

    10-Day Of The Dead.
    9-Texas Chain Saw Massacre 1974.
    8-Cup Of My Blood.
    7-Evil Dead.
    6-Freddy V.S Jason.
    5-The Descent.
    4-Freaks 1931.
    3-Nightmare On Elm Street 1984.
    2-28Days 12Weeks.

  14. sharekhan says:


  15. Alysyn says:

    most of you guys are forgetting the classic,the ones that cannot be remake,ones that will never be forgotten,ones that aren’t just called classic but brilliant!

  16. TroyB says:

    Not including the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is like not including the Beatles a top 10 music band list!

  17. lucyluca says:

    Top ten(that give nightmares):
    10. The Others
    9. What Lies Beneath
    8. Paranormal Activity
    7. Hostel
    6. The Grudge
    5. The Ring
    4. Shutter
    3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    2. The Strangers
    1. Almost anything Stephen King!(It,Pet Semetary, The Stand)

  18. DaynaJH says:

    Hey everyone!
    before u comment on this i am only 13 and havent really seen loads of horror movies! these are just in a random order!
    1. My Bloody Valentine
    2. Nightmare On Elm Street
    3. Freddy VS Jason
    4. Child’s Play
    5. The Ring
    6. 30 Days Of Night
    7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    8. 13 Ghosts
    9. Dead Alive
    10.Halloween 1 & 2
    Btw i am amazed u missed out My Bloody Valentine and 13 Ghosts. They were huge hits!
    Anyway… you have all been a huge help cos i had to find pictures and the name of horror movies and couldnt think of many!

  19. lol says:


  20. this one person thats on this site says:

    dude, is it just me, or was House Of Wax super insane??? oh and HOW THE HELL DID YOU FORGET SHAUN OF THE DEAD?!?!?!?!?!

  21. Chris says:

    My own list :D
    Ranked as 1 for the best, 10 for the “not-so-best-but-still-pretty-best”!

    10. Dawn of the dead
    9. Land of the dead
    8. The Shining
    7. A Nightmare on Elm street (I never found them scary, actually..just kind of creepy and gory!)
    6. Jaws
    5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    4. The Excorcist
    3. Halloween 1
    2. Silence of the lambs
    1. The Evil Dead

  22. manipriya says:

    drag me to hell is best horror movie

  23. tashamasonre says:

    No one said the scariest movie of ALL TIME, well let me help you all out, THE EXORCIST!!!!!!

  24. FREAK_CASTLE says:

    i don’t like more blood the horror must be pure
    1- the thing
    2- the Exorsist
    3-the changeling
    4-an american werewolf in london
    6-the sixth sence

  25. jaycee says:

    well I dont get scared that easy but if i had to choose these would probably be in the top ten

    1- “IT”

    2- the shining

    3- the exorcist

    4- the hills have eyes

    5- scream

    6- rosemary’s baby

    7- 13 ghosts

    8- childs play

    9- saw

    10- the texas chainsaw massacre

    some of these r stupid 2 me but i dont care but i am positive about the first 5

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