Comments on “The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”, Page 4

Comments on “The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”, Page 4

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148 Responses to “The Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”

  1. Matzy says:

    1. the shining (first time I ever saw it atleast and that’s what counts)
    2. saw 1-7
    3. texas chainsaw (original)
    4. halloween (rob zombie’s remake)
    5. the exorcist 1 & 3
    6. the evil dead
    7. the mist
    8. the grudge (not ju-on that wuz worst than the american version, sorry, didn’t scare me abit)
    9. rose red
    10. hellraiser

  2. Really now says:

    Anyone who doesn’t post Night of the Living Dead in their top ten but, decides to put Videodrome or The Thing or even Aliens for that matter, and especially in top 5, of horror films of “All Time” should just be slapped. Then again, it’s your decision on what film should be in top ten..*cough*FAIL*cough*

    Here’s what I would have done:

    10. Hellraiser
    9. Friday The 13th
    8. Nightmare on Elm Street
    7. The Shinning
    6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    5. Night of the Living Dead
    4. Dawn Of The Dead
    3. Halloween
    2. Frankenstein
    1. Dracula

    You can’t really sum up the best horror in ten lines but, I tried and I damn well succeeded,
    much better of a list then Matzy though, will give you that one.

    • peli says:

      You have a very generic taste for horror, to mix it up from the staples of horror isn’t necessarily a bad thing

  3. Michael says:

    Any list without the exorcist = :fail:

    • Shotkalla says:

      1.Hellraiser 1,2,4 and 5 rule!! the rest were shat.
      2.Elmstreets always make for a good night part 1 at least
      3.Halloween 1 and 2 rule
      4.Amityville Horror such a classic
      5.Clownhouse corny and creepy
      6.Tourist Trap, surprised no one mentions that one
      7.Salem’s Lot freaked me the fuck out when i was 11 years old
      8.Phantasm was pretty weird too
      9.28 days later was way graphic
      10.friday the 13th has to make this list

      • sluggworth says:

        1. Exorcist 1
        2. Halloween 1 original
        3. Alien 1
        4. Jeepers Creepers 1
        5. Funhouse
        6. Hellraiser 1
        7. Candyman 1
        8. It’s Alive
        9. Humanoids From The Deep
        10.The Beast Within

  4. joe bob says:

    not great

  5. nickko f says:

    1.a night mare on elm street(1-7)
    2. friday the 13th (the original ones)
    3.the shinning
    4.the hills have eyes
    5.texas chainsaw massacre(original)
    6.the exsorist
    7.salems lot
    8.i know how many runs you scored last summer
    9.evil dead
    10.halloween (1978)

  6. RachelJ says:

    So then exactly ZERO of you have seen a little movie called POLTERGEIST. That is the Citizen Kane of horror films.

  7. Vivi says:

    My favorites:
    Texas Chainsaw massacre(original)
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    Friday the 13th
    The Shining
    Dawn of the Dead(Original)
    Night of the Living Dead(Orig)
    The Exorcist
    Also liked
    The Strangers, Jeepers Creepers,Last House on the Left(Orig),FunHouse, Evil Deads; The Descent, Misey and The Orphan..I love horror movies!

  8. Tommyboy says:

    The best horror film in years is insidious

  9. geiger5953 says:

    my list.
    10. the mummy(orginal) 1932
    9. frida the 13th part 6
    8. day of the dead
    7.night of the living dead
    6. scream
    5. a nightmare on elm street
    4. jaws
    3. nosferatu
    2.the satanic rites of dracula
    1.the texas chainsaw massacre (1974)

  10. auperphyme545454 says:

    my favorites top 13.
    13.the cabinet of doctor caligari
    12. jaws
    11.the creature from the black lagoon
    10.the texas chainsaw massacre
    9. saw
    8.the wolf man
    7. the american werewolf in london
    6. frankenstein meets the wolf man
    5. it came from the toilet
    4.friday the 13th part 4
    2. halloween
    1. child`s play!
    when i tell this to my friends they think i`m strange but this is my friend jack`s list
    11. the texas chainsaw massacre 2
    10 halloween 3 season of the witch
    9. halloween 2
    8. poltergeist
    7. scream 3
    6. the fly 2
    5. the giant claw
    4. physco 3
    3. the beast from 20.000 fathoms
    2. home alone 2
    1. reptilicus
    yeah i`m serius. but there aint all bad scream 3 problaby would come to me like number 32 or someting. but if you think my list is strannge please reply.

  11. all hell says:

    my top 3.
    3.the phantom of the opera
    2. the shinning
    1. the thing

  12. Jimbo78 says:

    1. Hellraiser 1&2
    2. Halloween 1&2 (John Carpenter)
    3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (’74)
    4. The Exorcist
    5. Friday the 13th 2&4
    6. A Nightmare on Elm St (not the new BS)
    7. Phantasm 1&2
    8. Re-Animator
    9. Evil Dead
    10.Dawn of the Dead

  13. BOBBY says:

    No matter what list u put out HALLOWEEN IS ALWAYS ON 1 OF THEM…..

  14. trigen1270 says:

    1. The Exorcist (This made me start sleep talking and Sleep Walking/ Seen it once – age 8 – and never will)
    2. Amytiville Horror (Original Version) (So did this)
    3. The Ring (Japanese Version) (Didn’t forget to leave the TV on overnight when broadcasting is over)
    4. Carrie (Original Version)
    5. Nightmare on Elm Street (First)
    6. The Omen (First)
    7. Salem’s Lot
    8. Friday the 13th (First)
    9. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1, 2 & 3)
    10. Hellraiser (all of it)

  15. sheltorock says:

    I love horror. I think alot of younger people( I am 37, will pick more recent hooror and I won’t slight them for it). Hard to put in order the best really. Too many great ones.

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Rosemary’s Baby
    The Shining
    John Carpenter’s The Thing
    Night of the Living Dead
    The Omen original
    Salem’s Lot
    The Hills have Eyes
    American Werewolf in London

  16. sheltorock says:

    Oh yeah, I did forget The Exorcist. Truly slammin horror there man

  17. sheltorock says:

    henry: portrait of a serial killer

  18. ruthie says:

    My horror top ten are:

    Texas chainsaw (Original of course!.)
    The shining
    Audrey Rose
    Rosemary’s Baby
    Psycho( original- remake was crap!)
    The Fly(Goldblum version)More sickening than scary.
    The Others

  19. Shankarspeare says:

    Folks, for me horror is not akin to violence,shock or even suspense. There must be something supernatural, spiritual and unworldly like in the Exorcist,the Shining,Evil dead to name a few, to really qualify as horror. I mean what is horror without a Ghost irrespective of its form, shape and size!

  20. bob says:

    alright so here is mine

    2.texas chainsaw massacre 2003
    3.human centipide
    4.dawn of the dead

    also if u go on xfinity on demand before 2017 u can see orphan for 3 bucks

    • Henry says:

      Human centipede!,really?.Here is my top ten;Halloween,The Exorcist,Wages of sin,Damned by dawn,The Haunting In Connecticut,silent hill,Evil dead,The collector,The Blair Witch project and A nightmare on elm street(1948)

  21. billy says:

    terrina watch orphan and tell me if you crap urself

  22. Kevin says:

    Halloween 1&2, Friday the 13th 1-3, The Exorcist, The Hills Have Eyes, Re-Animator, Suspiria, Silver Bullet, The Shining, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(74), Phantasm 1 & 2, IT, poltergiest, The Others, Dead Alive (just because), Last House on the Left(Orig), and I could go on and on.
    I can’t in my right mind put Alien up there because it is a Sci-Fi thriller, not a down home horror.
    There is no particular order to these movies because I love them all. Horror is KING!

  23. HarleeBacon says:

    almost any horror movie is good but is there any horror movie where a girl is the killer t6hrough all the movies

  24. max says:

    what about scream and friday the 13th

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