Top 10 Saw Traps

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Top 10 Saw Traps

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5.Pendulum Trap
Saw V

Hoffman’s first trap shows he has a sadistic streak like Amanda. Poor Seth gets his hands crushed. It’s nothing compared to that pendulum. This trap would make Edgar Allen Poe run to his momma crying like a baby.


4. Classroom Trap (Chain Death)

Poor Troy has many chains attached to his body, Hellraiser style. He almost makes it before the nail bomb goes off, but as we know, this trap was designed by Amanda. Pinhead would be proud.


3. Angel Trap

Agent Kerry – another victim of the sadistic Amanda. The setup of this trap is nothing special – she has to burn her hand with acid to get the key. But the payoff is the real killer.


2. Rack Trap

This poor guy is trapped in a particularly nasty torture device that slowly twists his limbs until he dies. The worst part is that he has to rely on Jeff for help – and as we have seen, Jeff ain’t exactly on the ball. It ends badly.


1. Needle Tub
Saw II


Xavier, the biggest asshole of the movie, throws Amanda into a giant pit full of needles. Ok, we know Amanda is in on it, but the fact that she’s willing to wade through a pit of needles seems like going a bit too far to maintain a cover, you know what we mean? The part where she emerges with needles stuck to her body is completely wince inducing. Her screams of agony make it worse. All we can say is Ewwww.

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