Top 20 Horror Movie Sex Scenes

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15. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
Scene: Rosemary’s Rape/Drug Trip

Poor Rosemary ate some bad ice cream. Normally, this might cause mild upset. In Rosemary’s case, she ends up drugged at a Satanic orgy attended by her hubby and creepy neighbors. Having trippy dreams is pretty cool, but not when you are getting raped by Satan at the same time. Read our review here.


14. They Live (1988)
Scene: “What’s Wrong, Baby?”

This is one of the greatest endings we have ever seen in a film. While a woman is having sex, Roddy Piper manages to cut off the alien signal that hides their true nature. Talk about bad timing! Goes to show that when you are sleeping with someone… do you really know who you’re sleeping with?


13. Cabin Fever (2002)
Scene: Busy Hands

This guy thinks he’s gonna do a little heavy petting, but finds a surprise. His hope that it is nothing more than a heavy menstrual cycle is soon dashed. We think the girl needs more than Maxi pads.


12. The Evil Dead (1981)
Scene: Tree Rape/Headless Humping

Getting raped by evil vines in the forest is a good reason to stay in the city for the weekend:

Evil Dead - Tree Rape Scene

The ick factor of this scene is matched by the one where Ash (Bruce Campbell) chops his demon-girlfriend’s head off. But hey, when you’re in heat, you ain’t gonna let a little thing like decapitation stop you from gettin some.


11. Angel Heart (1987)
Scene: Sex Scene Between Micky Rourke and Lisa Bonet

Fresh off the Cosby show, Lisa Bonet does the deed with a lucky Mickey Rourke. Things get steamy in a leaky New Orleans hotel room with Harry Angel and Epiphany Proudfoot. It starts to rain. Hey, a little rain never hurt nobody. Oh yeah, what if it’s raining Blood!?

<em>Some girls shouldn't do anything when it's that time of the month.</em>

Some girls shouldn't do anything when it's that time of the month.

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