Top 20 Horror Movie Sex Scenes

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10. Species 2 (1998)
Scene: Threesome With Alien Baby Birth

Gross out factor goes up a few notches when the horny alien (this time, a dude) has a threesome with some unlucky ladies. We bet they weren’t expecting to get knocked up… but look at it this way – they have kindly been spared 9 months of suffering! Now that’s efficient baby-making!

You + Me + Alien Baby Makes EWW

You + Me + Alien Baby Makes EWW

9. Basket Case (1982)
Scene: Belial’s Rape of Sharon

What’s in the Basket? Easter eggs?” That’s what Duane’s buxom blonde girlfriend Sharon asks (played by Terri Susan Smith). She finds out later when Duane’s freak brother Belial heads over to her apartment for a little mutant-on-blonde action. Wow, that’s not right.


8. Nekromantik 2 (1991)
Scene: On-the-fly Head Replacement Surgery

Girl has sex with guy. But something’s not quite right – oh yeah, he doesn’t look like her dead lover. Fortunately, her dead lover’s body parts are located in the next room. A quick bit of surgery involving head-switching should take care of things.
Yes, this movie goes there. Monika M. makes Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct look like a girl scout.

<em>I gave you head, now you return the favor!</em>

I gave you head, now you return the favor!

7. Gozu (2003)
Scene: Ending Sex Scene/Birth

This Yakuza dude finally manages to get it on with a hot girl. But she seems really tight. Or perhaps that’s just somebody’s hand grabbing onto his johnson! It all results in the most bizarre birth we have ever seen.

<em>Dear Takashi Miike, please see a psychologist!</em>

Dear Takashi Miike, please see a psychologist!

6. Brain Damage (1988)
Scene: Blow Job

Frank Henenlotter wasn’t done grossing us out with Basket Case. In Brain Damage, Brian has a little playtime with a girl in an alleyway. She offers to give him a blowjob. But wait, isn’t his little parasitic friend Aylmer down there? Oh well, they’ll sort it out.


We love the next scene where Brian says “when it comes to blood in my underwear, i’d like to know how it got there!”

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