Top 20 Horror Movie Sex Scenes

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5. Re-Animator (1985)
Scene: Hanky Panky With A Disembodied Head

The evil Dr. Hill, after being decapitated and then reanimated by Dr. West, decides to kidnap Megan (the very cute Barbara Crampton) and do a little bit of fooling around with the coed, after professional hours.


We don’t think she’s your type, Doc. You know – type with a full head on her shoulders.

4. Society (1989)
Scene: Shunting/Orgy

We don’t know if this scene qualifies as a “sex” scene. It’s definitely some kind of orgy – for slime monsters. This quite possibly the grossest thing we’ve ever seen. It’s also pretty funny. Thanks, Screaming Mad George – you figured out how to make us laugh and puke at the same time.
“Didn’t you know Billy boy? The rich have always sucked off low class shit like you!”

3. Basket Case 2 (1990)
Scene: Belial Mutant Sex

Frank one-ups the Belial sex scene in the first Basket Case by showing explicit mutant sex between Belial and his new girlfriend, who looks just like him, except with lipstick! Because that’s what you wanted to see, right? Fun for the whole family!

2. Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989)
Scene: Penis Drill

Just a typical Tokyo day. Guy grows a drill for a penis. His girlfriend is understandibly freaked out, but after she hits him in the face with a hot frying pan and stabs him with a knife a bunch of times she starts getting turned on. I guess she forgot all about the fact that he has a DRILL FOR A PENIS. She finds out the hard way.

1. Teeth (2007)
Scene: Cave Rape/Boyfriend’s No Hero/Bad Dog!

It’s a three-way tie between these rather nasty scenes of dudes losing their manhoods.

Dawn (Jess Weixler) has a problem. It’s a little affliction called Vagina Dentata! And you ladies thought it was difficult when you got your first period! Quite a few scenes in this indie flick compete with each other for best (or worst) horror sex scene. Any one of ’em will be sure to send all dudes into the corner weeping and holding onto their crotches for dear life. A condom should be fine… as long as it’s made of steel!

For example, Dawn leaves this poor dude crying for his mommy:

<em>VD - Vagina Dentata! Get it, children?!?!</em>

VD - Vagina Dentata! Get it, children?!?!

This idiot learns that it is not wise to sexually assault a woman with teeth in her vag:

<em>We think you lost something...</em>

We think you lost something...

The worst (funniest?) bit is what we like to call “You Dropped Something” and it involves Dawn’s asshole stepbrother Brad. It’s bad enough to get attacked Lorena- Bobbitt style by a monster vagina, but… oh, God… the DOG!

Teeth - Dog Scene

Bad Dog!

Runners Up You May Also Consider

…assuming you aren’t sick yet:

The Howling (werewolf sex)
Howling II (werewolf sex involving Sybil Danning!)
Night of the Demons (demon sex, and something involving Linnea Quigley shoving lipstick into her breast – it’s a magic trick!)
Basic Instinct (Sharon Stone sex + ice pick murder)
The Last House on the Left (icky rape/murder)
I Spit On Your Grave (double icky rape for like, a half hour)
Blue Velvet (Frank Booth calls out for laughing gas and his mommy)
Irreversible (triple icky rape of Monica Bellucci for like, 10 hours)
Bride of Chucky (doll-on-doll action!)
Trouble Every Day (Beatrice Dalle thinks she’s a Praying Mantis, seduces a guy and then chews on his face)
Sleepaway Camp (Girl is really a guy! Doh!)
The Toxic Avenger (Toxie has sex with his girlfriend – it’s a good thing she’s blind!)
The Shining (Jack with the girl in Room 237)
Chaos (Sick ripoff of Last House on the Left – so nasty that Ebert trashed it hard)

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